10 benefits of a holiday in your own garden

Holidays in the country have always been perceived almost as hard labour. And many gardeners, who spend the hot season of holidays and favorite holidays in their garden, speak about this with embarrassment and as if apologizing. The time when a suburban area was perceived only as a place of hard work is gradually fading into oblivion. It’s time to change your attitude towards vacations on your site: after all, in fact, this way of spending a long-awaited vacation has much more pluses than minuses. Hot balls are the pair of three numbers that are drawn more times in the whole UK49s history. On the other hand, the cold ball pair consists of those numbers that are drawn a few times. And the garden, which you care for with love, will gladly thank you with unforgettable impressions. And with such pleasures that you will not find in any resort.

When planning fun meetings or trips for a long weekend in May, or choosing travel offers for an unforgettable vacation in domestic and foreign resorts, feel free to add one more option to the options: spend a vacation in your own garden. This is not at all the cheapest and “extreme” option for spending a vacation, but a full-fledged chance to spend your vacation fully and unforgettable. And although at first it seems not the most attractive and interesting, it is worth considering everything properly, and the benefits of relaxing on your site become undeniable. Those who cannot or do not want to enjoy a vacation somewhere far from home, but have their own garden, get a great opportunity to fully relax and have fun.

Benefit 1. Cost savings

The budgetary factors in spending a holiday in your own garden are the most obvious and tangible. Even in comparison with the most modest trip, such a vacation will significantly save money. So, by choosing to spend your vacation on a less expensive trip, you open up many opportunities for yourself.

How to manage the unused vacation budget is up to you. You can treat yourself to long-awaited purchases, or you can partially use the money for the benefit of the garden, which gave you so many pleasant emotions. Buying new plants, statues, benches, updating tools and equipment, implementing long-delayed plans and ideas – there are always funds to apply.

Benefit 2. No stress and no wasted day

We need a vacation in order to gain strength, impressions, energy and relieve stress and accumulated fatigue. And for this it is not at all necessary to go on a long journey. Moreover, the road itself often takes away precious days and strength, almost canceling out all the impressions of the rest. You will not have such problems in your area. Not a minute will be wasted, and every day of vacation will be meaningful and filled. Yes, and the vacation itself will seem much more useful and of high quality than somewhere far away. Here you can fully relax, and in the way that your heart desires. The Greece Powerball, which is called Joker too, draws three times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 Eastern European Time(EET). Ticket sales close at 21:30 EET. Check here that how to play and enhance the winning chances of your selected numbers. You can view the updated results of draws here 

For those who love active rest, communication and entertainment, a whole world of garden parties, sports fun and friendly competitions is open. Those who seek peace and solitude will not feel it anywhere more fully and with such a clear sense of psychological comfort. After all, the garden that you created for yourself, where you feel in your place, and in the “relaxation mode”, gives you the greatest comfort.

Long trips, the inconvenience of public transport, intrusive guides and animators in the garden will not be able to bother you. You will get a holiday not like everyone else, but fully tailored to your own needs. Even communication with the outside world is controlled only by you. As well as the schedule of work, meals, physical activity, social circle and its nature. You will have everything under control and you yourself will determine the factors of discomfort and those things that will make you happy.

Benefit 3. The realm of peace and communion with nature

Where else, if not in your own garden, you can renounce everything vain and everyday, enjoy peace and solitude. Of course, there is a place for family vacations, and friendly meetings, and various entertainments. But at any moment when you want to, you can plunge into solitude and be alone with yourself.

There will always be a corner in the garden where no one will disturb you with looks, conversations, or everyday problems. And this is the main plus and the main secret of why in your own garden you can not only relax but fully relax. On a sun lounger by a pond, sunbathing in the middle of a sunny lawn, curled up with a book in the cool shade, or just listening to the birds and bees in the gazebo, you are sure to find your own perfect oasis of peace and quiet.

And closer to nature than in the garden, you will not be anywhere else. Here everything is familiar and at the same time – everything is amazing. If during walks or picnics we just become part of nature for a while, touch its beauty and magic, then in the garden you are surrounded by it around the clock. Night sounds that help to understand how sweet a dream can be, the morning miracles of dawn, fiery sunsets, the magic of twilight and the dazzling sun, the unexpected poetry of rainy days – nature in the garden always opens up in a new way during relaxation.

You will be able to enjoy the beauty created by your own hands, but still not subject to our complete control. And to appreciate how beautiful the green and flowering inhabitants of gardens really are, to discover plants and their combinations from an unexpected angle.

Benefit 4. See everything

Most garden plants bloom in summer. But even when you go far from home for the long Easter or May holidays, you still deprive yourself of a large part of the garden show. After all, even in three days you can miss the unique flowering of the best garden plants. By choosing a vacation option on your site, you will not miss the magnificent parade of flowerbed and climbing roses, notice the beauty of even the smallest and most modest partners and discover the color concept of your flower beds in a new way. And don’t miss anything, enjoying the beauty of the garden to the fullest and admiring the fruits of your labors and projects.

Benefit 5. Escape from the heat to the realm of coolness

Owners of even a small garden pond or a portable mini-pond in a container can enjoy the special pleasure of relaxing by the water in summer. Unlike swimming pools and public beaches, in your own garden, no one will bother you, and there will be nothing to worry about. Contemplation of water, outdoor activities, installation of an additional pool (let’s say, with a fountain – this is very simple), even just a garden shower help to survive the heat much easier. Even modest reservoirs bring a lot of pleasure. Near such objects, any heat seems not such a hindrance, and complete protection from prying eyes only enhances the pleasure.

But coolness awaits you not only at the pond. Under large trees, hedges, in the gazebo and on the terrace, you can understand how huge the difference between the heat in the city and in the bosom of nature is.

Benefit 6. Ideal family vacation

Everyone has experienced disappointment while on vacation. Advertising articles and booklets are very much at odds with reality, even at their best. Wrong view, wrong entertainment, annoying employees, scheduled tours… Even the strongest families with different interests and different preferences still never get a complete sense of harmony during their holidays, and one of the members is left out.

But on your site, you can provide everyone with what his soul aspires to, and at the same time – enjoy a joint vacation. After all, meals, entertainment, chores, admiration for the beauty of the garden and the opportunity for everyone to devote time to their needs are not limited by someone else’s framework. Children on the site always have plenty of space to play and frolic, and adults can both feel all the delights of outdoor activities and lie down in the sun to their heart’s content. Even pets can frolic the way they want.

Few things bring people together like admiration for the surrounding nature, freedom from schedules, joint meals, gatherings around the fire and the opportunity to be yourself. It is not easy to create a real paradise for family holidays, but the main thing here is desire. At any time, you can change your plans, come up with something new, succumb to impulses and moods, come up with new games or completely abandon them. Everything is in your hands – and family communication too.

Benefit 7: Everything under control

Leaving the garden unattended for a long time or even in the safe hands of neighbours and acquaintances, you still will not save yourself from worries and problems. Even with conscientious care, the quality of outside care for the garden and garden will be different from yours. And there is no full guarantee that a catastrophe will not await you. Only its owner knows his garden, no one can take care of it better than you.

Spending a vacation in the garden, you can do everything yourself – notice problems at the very beginning of their appearance, water them in a drought, do not forget about top dressing. And such chores will not overshadow the rest: in the morning and evening hours, in moments of boredom, you can do mandatory procedures without spending extra effort. After all, you will not need to rush and any business can be postponed until a more convenient time.

Benefit 8. Harvest to the last berry

The traditional holiday time, which falls in the summer, in the case of long trips, is inevitably associated with the loss of part of the crop. It’s not just a matter of agreeing with acquaintances and giving them the harvest that they will harvest while looking after the house. Summer berries and the first fruits, juicy greens and vegetables are waiting for literally the whole year. And it is such a pity to miss the opportunity to feel the warm sweetness of wild strawberries or the spicy sourness of delicious currants …

If you choose the option of relaxing in your own garden, then the crop will go not to slugs, birds and neighbors, but to those for whom it is grown – your family. You can enjoy the gifts of summer right in the bosom of nature, and the freshest delicacies will surely surprise you with their fabulous aroma. Yes, and blanks from them, made on time, without haste and stuffiness of city apartments – much less stress than in ordinary country conditions.

Benefit 9: Eating Outdoors

You probably happened to notice more than once that in your country house any breakfast or lunch is much tastier, and the most modest food seems like heavenly bliss. In the open air, the appetite is different, and the pleasure of eating is much more complete. The chirping of birds, bright colours, a fresh breeze, the delights of cooking on an open fire or a barbecue, the freshest vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries heated by the sun – everything is more appetizing in such surroundings. And if you decide to spend your holidays in your garden, you can enjoy natural dining and new culinary possibilities like never before.

The garden can become a real family restaurant, open only to the initiated and offering many exclusive wonders. Breakfast against the backdrop of dewy flower gardens, lunch with the freshest produce, a smoky dinner by the firelight, a picnic on the lawn or in the surrounding field, a romantic dinner on the terrace or in the gazebo, tea with berries and intimate conversations or a noisy party – here you can afford whatever and whenever. In the garden there is always a corner for a special meal and a landscape that will never get bored and will set the right mood. Days in nature are different from each other, and every day you will be happy to discover that eating in nature is never boring.

Benefit 10. Chance to do what you have been putting off for a long time

Each gardener has his own list of forgotten tasks and duties that are postponed from month to month and from year to year. If you spend your holidays in your own garden, especially if you have a full-fledged summer vacation, then just enjoying the fruits of your labor will get boring for you sooner or later. It is quite possible to devote several days from rest to pulling up such “tails” – affairs that always overshadow daily duties and urgent needs. Painting, renovating the paths, arranging a new recreation area, changing the style of the terrace – everyone has their own dreams postponed “for later”.

There is no need to be afraid that work will spoil the rest: firstly, you manage it yourself and you can always refuse such an opportunity, and secondly, the new look of the garden with a sense of inner renewal and restoration will give a completely new satisfaction from a usefully spent vacation.

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