10 reasons why trumpets are not easy to learn

The trumpet, as we all know, is a brass instrument which is commonly used in classical and jazz ensembles. It is without a doubt one of the most difficult instrument to play. 

Here are some reasons why the trumpet is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Trumpeters generally play melodies on the instrument, so if they play any note wrong it comes into notice instantly. Therefore, there is no scope of mistakes or mediocrity. You need to play every note on the trumpet the way it is intended. 
  2. You need to have a great respiratory system. As a trumpeter you rely on your ability to sustain air so that you can play those long and slow phrases. Other instruments require to use your hands or feet and not your mouth which is more tiring. 
  3. Not only do you need to have great breathing, you also need to develop your lip muscles in order to execute those high and loud passages. It takes a lot of strength to play those high parts, which can be physically tolling. 
  4. The fingering of a trumpet is another difficult aspect of the instrument. The pay of the trumpet is limited to just three valves and you have to play complex notes using just three valves which is a challenging task. 
  5. Trumpeters have to constantly adjust their intonation so that it fits the musical surroundings. 
  6. Trumpets are big instruments. While playing the instrument, its bell blocks your view which makes it difficult for the players to read the music which is kept in front of them. 
  7. Sometimes trumpeters are expected to play with mutes which demands a lot of preparation as compared to other instruments. 
  8. Trumpeters have a difficult time working within their section. No other instrument poses this challenge that the trumpet poses. 
  9. Trumpeters have to play in tune with other singers as well. The slightest mistake and you are out of tune which can ruin the entire the performance. 

And lastly, trumpeters are expected to play even with a split lip, but if a vocalist has a runny nose, they are most likely not expected to come and perform on the stage. 

These reasons make it difficult for the players to play this extremely complex instrument. 

But if you have passion towards the trumpet and want to learn to play it then proper training can help you overcome these difficulties. Make sure you get quality trumpet lessons since your ability to play depends on it. Do thorough research before deciding on a trumpet lesson. Make sure it fits your schedule and you are comfortable in your lessons. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go enroll yourself into your nearest trumpet lesson.

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