4 Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy During Second Trimester

Staying healthy during pregnancy is vital for the post birth period otherwise losing weight after delivery would be difficult for you. Before we get started let me answer the question that is in your mind “Is it safe to do exercise during pregnancy?” The answer is YES. According to one of the medical research, exercises during pregnancy are safe for you and for your baby.

However, not all exercises are beneficial during pregnancy and can endanger your baby. What kind of exercises are best during pregnancy then?

When my wife was in the second trimester, she had lower back pain. Therefore I consulted with the best gynecologist in Multan and they gave me the list of exercises that are best during the second trimester.

4 Healthy Exercises That Are Best During Second Trimester

Exercises that are appropriate during the second trimester are walking, yoga, swimming, and running. How to perform these exercises and what to avoid during these exercises? Let’s get into the details below to find an answer to these questions.

  1.       Walking

Walking is the simplest yet most beneficial exercise. It helps in burning calories for keeping your weight under control. Walking is also helpful for the lower back pain and it strengthens your body by activating all the muscles. It further improves your heart health and reduces any risk related to pregnancy and delivery.

While walking, it is important to walk on the paved path otherwise there is a risk of falling that may hurt your little one. If you are just getting started then start with the 10 minutes’ walk every day and then make it up to 30 minutes.

  1.       Yoga

Yoga is the best meditation exercise. It includes many stretch poses and breathing activities. Yoga during pregnancy has a positive effect on the health of the baby and mother. It is effective for curing lower back pain and breathing problems. The stretching poses help in increasing the strength and flexibility of the muscles and breathing activities helps during delivery and labor.

Yoga exercise during pregnancy also required some important measures. While doing yoga, you have to avoid laying on your back and also inverted poses. Besides this, also have an eye on your body temperature. If your body temperature exceeds 39ºC it will cause dehydration and may risk your child’s health.

  1.       Swimming

Some people have a misconception that swimming is not safe for pregnant women. However, it is not true. Swimming is more secure than walking and yoga because there is no risk of falling. The water acrobatics are helpful for building the strength of your muscles. Swimming is always recommended by many gynecologists.

Start doing 30 minutes of swimming or water exercises every week. However, avoid doing those movements that require abdomen movements.

  1.       Running

The last exercise that is helpful during the second trimester is running. Running is useful for strengthening the lower back and it is also good for mental health. It is one of the effective exercises that helps in reducing weight.

However, while running, avoid broken sidewalks otherwise there is a major risk of falling. Moreover, this exercise is not suitable for all. If you are a runner then do go for it otherwise don’t try it.

Summing Up:

Staying fit during pregnancy is not easy. However, there are certain exercises that you can do for keeping yourself in good physical shape. You can do running, walking, yoga, and swimming to stay healthy. Although not all exercises are suitable for everyone, therefore, stick to the low-impact exercise and avoid running. Moreover, also consult with your gynecologist before starting any exercise.

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