4 Main Service To Include in your Gojek Clone App

When it comes to the Gojek Clone app, there are many blog posts on the internet talking about how to get the app, why it is so great for your business and so on and so forth. However, the biggest problem with the Gojek Clone app is that it is too popular. With its growing popularity, more and more developers from across the world have started building their own apps. However, since the nature and scope of this kind of a complicated app is too deep, not many of these apps are entirely functional or practical for a business. What’s more, even if they are well constructed, they lack the totality that make it a successful business solution.

Why can’t anyone develop the right Gojek Clone App?

Well, it is not to say that people cannot develop a great Gojek Clone app, but since the app is so large and includes components of Android, iOS and PHP, apart from content requirement and quality checks, that it is practically impossible to single handedly manage building such a comprehensive and complicated app by an individual or freelance developer. 

It is always advisable to opt for a White Label on demand mobile app Development Company that has already built a Gojek Clone app that you can test before you purchase. Since they already have a full fledged team of:

  1. Android developers
  2. iOS developers
  3. PHP developers
  4. Content Writers
  5. Research Team
  6. Business Analysts
  7. Quality Analysts
  8. Data base Analysts
  9. Project Manager

An app built by them is most certainly superior in terms of quality. You also have the option of seeing exactly what you are about the purchase before you spend even a single buck on it. Download the demo app on multiple devices and test it out from the service providers end, the store end and the users end apart from seeing the admin dashboard so that you can make an informed decision. 

4 Essential Services to include in the Gojek Clone App

While the scope of using your app to offer services to your customers is practically endless, it is important to include these basic 4 services in the app to make it successful. 

On Demand Taxi Booking/ Car Rental/ Car Sharing Service

This is a very important component of the Gojek Clone app. Think about an app like Uber and imagines it to be a part of another major app that allows you to use the taxi option with one click. Just clicking on the taxi option will allow your users to enter their pick up and drop destination to book a ride. 

The best part is, your users can select the vehicle type, for example Moto (for bikes), hatchbacks, sedans, luxury cars and SUV’s to get the estimated budget. Now based on this and the number of people traveling, they can make their booking. 

On Demand Parcel/ Courier delivery Service

This is another very handy and extremely useful feature to have in your app. People need to send things across from one place to another on a day to day basis. Whether your friend forgot his iPhone charger at your place or you need to haul in some furniture that you bought in the market, people need to move things form a place to another almost every day.

With the help of this app, people can now send across parcels just as easily as booking a cab. All they need to do is put in the pick up location and the drop destination. They can choose to get single delivery (that is sending items from one place to another) or Multi Delivery (Sending items from one place to multiple places) using this option. 

Store Based Delivery

Whether it is on demand Food Delivery or on demand Grocery delivery, these services are absolutely essential in our daily lives. With the help of this option, your users will be able to buy items online directly through the app and then get them delivered right to their doorstep.

This feature’s functionality extends to anything that has a storefront. For example, the store based delivery option can be exercise for:

  1. On Demand Food Delivery 
  2. On Demand Grocery Delivery
  3. On Demand Pharmacy Delivery
  4. On Demand Bakery Items Delivery
  5. On Demand Alcohol Delivery
  6. On Demand Medicinal Marijuana Delivery
  7. On Demand Bottled Water Delivery

Service Providers

This option works pretty much like the Thumbtack clone. With the help of this section, users can have the power to access over 52 kinds of services. This means that when they click on the services option, they can see all the different services within the purview of the app. For example:

  1. On Demand Beautician
  2. On Demand Electrician
  3. On Demand Massage Therapist
  4. On Demand Plumber
  5. On Demand Tutor
  6. On Demand Doctor
  7. On Demand Fitness Trainer
  8. On Demand Dog Walker
  9. On Demand Babysitter

The users will be able to see the list of service provider within their area, along with the proce that they are charging for the required service and the star rating that they have received for their work from previous users. The app enables automatic payment as well and a feedback system so that your users as well as service providers can rate each other. 


The Gojek Clone app is a massive application. However, not every Gojek Clone app available in the market has the power of all these features or services. To make sure that you can earn maximum revenue from the app, ensure that you have all these services integrated in your app. Opt only for a white label on demand mobile app development company that enables you to test and try the app out before you actually make a purchase. It may also be in your interest to check out their testimonials and user reviews to ascertain the quality of their apps and the skill level and professionalism of their team.

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