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4 Most Interesting Attractions in Bogor

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After the cases of covid-19 indonesia began to decrease. Many people went on vacations. Several cities are crowded with tourists these days. One of them is the city of Bogor in the West Java region. 

Bogor is known as a city that has a cool breeze environment. Its location in the highlands also makes this city surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. In addition, various tourist objects became vacation destinations.

The Most Interesting Attractions in Bogor

Currently, the city of Bogor has become one of the vacation destinations for tourists. This city has many destinations with beautiful natural scenery. The following are recommendations for tourist attractions you can visit while on vacation in Bogor.

  1. Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens is the most famous tourist attraction in this city. There is an expanse of a green botanical garden filled with various flora and fauna. When visiting, most tourists choose to have a relaxing walk in the beautiful forest.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens area is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Southeast Asia. Currently, the development is under the LIPI Institute. Many activities can be done there, from seeing various flora to visiting museums. 

  1. Bogor Safari Park

Seeing and studying various exotic animals is an exciting activity to do with the family. Bogor Safari Park can be a suitable tourist destination for carrying out these activities. This tourist destination has a variety of animals from all over the world. Tourists can see the life of the animals directly by driving a car. In addition, tourists can also interact directly by feeding the animals.

  1. Little Venice

One of the busiest tourist destinations in the bogor indonesia is Little Venice. This place offers a typical European view. Even the entire architecture of the building is made similar to the city of Venice in Italy. The uniqueness of Little Venice is the water canals you can explore by gondola. Every visitor can rent a gondola to cross the artificial river. Apart from that, this place also has various replicas of European icons suitable for photo spots. 

  1. Cisadane River

Bogor City has a tourist spot especially for rafting, it’s called Cisadane River. This river has clean water and a relatively swift current, so it is very suitable for rafting. But if you don’t want to go rafting, tourists can also do other activities. The Cisadane River has facilities for archery and paintball, which you can also do after rafting. Tourist attractions on the river are open every day from 7 a.m.

If you want to relieve fatigue after the Covid pandemic, the city of Bogor can be an attractive tourist destination. This city has various tourist objects that present natural beauty.



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