5 Best Water Purifier Under 15,000

While choosing a water purifier you should focus on many factors, especially in India recognize that water varies a lot from one place to another. Everybody can’t afford a high-end water purifier under 15,000 Rs. Before you purchase any water purifier, you need to do in-depth research. If you don’t have knowledge about water purifiers and want to purchase the best water purifier under our budget between 15,000 Rs, then you are the correct place.

A great water purifier removes the unnessecary particles, microbes, excess salts, and retains its essential minerals and vitamins. In the shop, there are several brands selling purifiers, but all the purifiers are not so great as they promised. Because they don’t have proper knowledge about the purifiers and they just want to sell it whatever the product is. they don’t worry. we helped you to catch the best water purifier. The majority of our body consists of 70% of water, then it is our responsibility to drink healthy water. Some Best Water Purifiers Under 15,000 in India who has the best quality of water purifier.

List of best water purifiers under 15,000

[1] LG Puricare

Drinking clean water and eating healthy food every day, can keep you fit. Washing vegetables and fruits in tap water can sometimes invite much harm than help. The LG Puricare water purifier will be the choice for you if you want to drink water as well as vegetables and fruits. It comes with 2 in 1 water solution features, which supplies water through the UF filter so that you can wash your vegetables and fruits properly. It also purifies the water by using a 5-point RO filtration system, that microbes and makes the water clean and drinkable.

  •       Features
  1. 8L water capacity
  2. 20L/hr purification
  3. Alarm indicator
  4. RO+UF

[2] AO Smith Z9

The AO Smith z9 water purifier comes with 8 stages of different purification points who help you to purify your high TDS into light TDS water. Not just could water but this AO Smith Z9 purifier provides you at 45*c of hot drinking water and 80*c for making food. AO smith’s different mineralizer technology adds essential minerals to the water. The water has a fresh natural taste. It has an unbuilt display item who helps you to access or alarm systems like filter alert, tank full notification, power mode, and temperature. The luminous level indicators show you how much water is there, so you don’t have to feel.

  •       Features
  1. 10 L of water capacity
  2. 15L/Hr purification
  3. RO+SCMT
  4. Alarm indicator

[3] Kent Prime Plus

Kent prime plus is my first favourite under the price range. The Kent prime plus RO purifier is India’s first comes with in-tank UV disinfection technology. The smart Kent prime plus has a digital display item that shows the level of water purity to the user. Not only purity levels display a clean life. The progressive water purifier comes with a multi-stage water purification process of R0+UV+UF+TDS controlled+ UV in purification. The RO purifier comes with a 1-year warranty and 3 years no service charges only you wish to pay an extra 3000 for it. The water purifier has high capacity of 9L which ensures you a continuous supply of water even in the absence of electricity.

  •       Features
  1. 9l of water capacity
  2. 20L/Hr purification
  3. RO tank technology

[4] Havells Digi Plus

The Havells Digi Plus water purifier featuring a fashionable design, the water purifier comes in black and silver dual-tone colour combination. It has a classy jog dial to dispense water. Havells Digi plus purifier comes with best in class purification technology, 100% RO and UV purification in 8-point and double UV that sterilizes water every 4 hours for sure safe drinking water round the clock, revitalizer water molecules for upgraded hydration and mineral absorption.  The purifier able to purify up to 15L/Hr of water and 1 hr and it stores 7L of water.

  •       Features
  1. Plastic body
  2. RO+UV+TDS
  3. 15L/Hr purification
  4. 7L of water capacity

[5] Hind ware Moonbow

Hind ware Achelous premium 7L RO+UV water purifier, In this the water in your house by passing it through the point of purification. It comes with a reverse osmosis filter which removes fluoride, arsenic, pesticides and more. It also ensures diseases free water that is free water that safe to drink. The post-carbon filter makes the crystal clear and water transparent, and this is the Best Water Purifier Under 15,000

  •       Features
  1. 7L of water capacity
  2. Advanced alarm indicator
  3. RO+UV+TDS

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