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5 Recommendations for Coworking Spaces in Jakarta

Tired of working from home or flat during the pandemic? Try to work from a coworking space once in a while. Coworking space is a place that is rented out for people who want to work. Below are some recommendations for coworking spaces in Jakarta that are worth trying. Read until the end to get the complete information.

Recommended Coworking Space in Jakarta


Initially, Cohive had the name Cocowork Jakarta. Then the name changed in 2018. There are two types of rooms provided here: private space and sharing space. Private space is more suitable for those who want to work alone in peace. Meanwhile, sharing space is more suitable for those who want to work with other visitors.

Currently, Cohive already has several locations in Jakarta, such as in the Sudirman, Kuningan, SCBD, Kemang, and Setiabudi areas. Just choose whichever is closest to where you live.


Workspaces at GoWork are rented for any duration according to visitors’ needs. There are options for monthly, daily, or even yearly rentals. Not only rented by individuals but GoWork can also be rented by several startup companies.

GoWork offers luxurious interiors with reasonably complete facilities. Even a dedicated desk is available here, which allows users to use the same desk every time they visit.

Soma Co-Working Cafe

Want to rent a coworking space but are afraid it will be expensive? Soma Co-Working Cafe provides a workspace that can be rented for 90,000 IDR per day. If you rent for one month, the price will be much lower, only 1 million IDR or equivalent to 30,000 IDR per day. While the price is affordable, visitors will also get free coffee. It’s no wonder that this coworking space, located in Kebon Sirih, is everyone’s favorite.

Journey Coffee

If you want to work in a more relaxed atmosphere, a cafe that provides a working space can be an option. Currently, there are many cafes in Jakarta that are comfortable for remote working. One of them is Journey Coffee which is located in Tebet.

This cafe provides a variety of coffee, non-coffee drinks, various snacks, and even local Indonesian food such as fried rice. Here, visitors can choose two different places to work. On the 1st floor, there is an air-conditioned room which includes a non-smoking area. If you want to smoke, you can choose the location on the rooftop.


The last recommendation from South Jakarta is Conclave. This place is actually already popular among the people of Jakarta. Conclave offers a calm and conducive atmosphere. That way, visitors can be more productive to complete their work.

Apart from the places recommended above, Jakarta also has many other coworking spaces. Don’t hesitate to try working in a coworking space and feel the experience.

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