5 Noteworthy Applications of Artificial Intelligence in 2021

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a phenomenon here to stay, and undeniably for a longer time. The worldwide AI market is predicted to reach the mark of $26 billion by the year 2027. This pretty well indicates that Artificial Intelligence will only get better with time and expand its application across multiple domains. Suppose we are to talk about how artificial intelligence will be used in 2021. In that case, it is to be mentioned that the phenomenon has already started contributing to a plethora of sectors including: 

  • Healthcare
  • Education 
  • Commerce 
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Government Enterprises and the likes 

Now that you are eager to explore the bigger picture, invest some time in reading this blog. Here’s everything you need to know. 

AI in Healthcare services 

If we are to look back at 2020, the year was full of unprecedented affairs which took a toll on the physical and mental health of millions. Especially, if we are to talk about the devastating Covid-19, more than half of the world’s population fell terribly ill in some way or the other. Artificial Intelligence has a great role to play here. 

Here’s the bigger picture for your insights and clarity. 

  • Artificial Intelligence is said to offer a myriad of advantages over conventional medical practices, analytics and clinical decisions. 
  • You don’t need to leave your house, every single time, in order to consult your physician. 
  • There is a thing called telemedicine, which is only getting better with each passing day. 
  • Thanks to AI advancements, one can place medical queries online, and the designated chatbot will work on the essentials and assist you with prompt responses. 
  • With chatbots taking charge of situations, preliminary follow-ups, and the challenges associated with emergency medical responses are said to get twice easier and seamless. 

Thus, with so many revelations to dig, it seems that AI in healthcare services is definitely making a difference, in an appreciable manner. 

Benefits of AI in Education Sector 

This is again one crucial area to be highlighted and discussed when it comes to discussing how AI will be used in 2021. It goes without saying, the domain of education is one of the most flourishing domains in every aspect. Anation’s progress in the hands of educators and every other authoritarian body associated with the education industry. The emergence of AI in this sector has proved to be a boon in the following ways. 

  • From computer science students seeking software engineering assignment help online to other candidates looking for online machine learning assignment help; things have gone digital these days. 
  • Wondering why? Major credit goes to the phenomenon called Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Students can easily get in touch with reliable academic help platforms available online. 
  • They will be redirected to smart chat portal, which is primarily operated by chatbots and other AI elements. 
  • The visitors will be prompted to take certain actions, for example, “place queries”, “place an order”, “view samples” and the likes. 
  • Students can select any of the prompted actions and navigate across the academic website without human interventions, and at the comfort of home. 
  • AI in education is said to focus on what a student wants to learn and what all are his/her pain points. 
  • You don’t need to implement manual techniques, every time, in order to determine the fact whether the students are treading in the right direction in academics. 
  • With AI-powered apps such as Third Space Learning and iTalk2Learn, things have been streamlined in the right order, as students get to enjoy smarter learning techniques on the go. 

AI is changing the face of education in a way like never before. The perfect blend of traditional and modern learning methodologies will provide facelift education and encourage young learners to embrace advanced learning platforms with each passing day. 

Supply chain and Logistics in the Era of AI 

Logistics management is a part of supply chain management. These two elements, combinedly plan, implement and control the functionalities of efficient supply, storage and flow of goods and services in an organisation. Wondering how AI is making a difference here? Check out the following points to delve deeper into the context. 

  • AI in supply chains is apparently helping executives to deliver the powerful optimisation capabilities that are much required for planning accuracy, improved productivity, lower costs and the likes. 
  • Artificial Intelligence in supply chain and logistics is basically streamlining manual burdens and automatising all forms of redundant jobs in a favourable way. 
  • As a result, employees get to enjoy safer working conditions and carry out their responsibilities seamlessly, without any hiccups. 
  • With virtual assistants being brought into play, logistics and supply chain managers can keep track of daily supplies and storages via remote access. 
  • Thus, it automatically eliminates the odds of manual efforts. Rather, it paves way for employees to reduce cost, as they get to monitor large projects with only a few clicks. 
  • To cite a factual case, Amazon’s supply chain is said to be the most efficient among every other major companies around the world. Do you know why? 
  • That’s because of the fact that it has an advanced AI-driven Information Technology system, an extensive network of warehouses and inventory management systems. 

Now, in order to keep up with each of the essential elements as mentioned above, corporate units, these days, need to embrace the boon called Artificial Intelligence. In addition to supply chain and logistics, AI is used in a couple of other sectors as well. 

E-commerce and AI go hand in hand 

In this era of E-commerce, where retail stores are literally at our doorsteps, you cannot ignore the incredible contributions of AI. Take a look here to know how Artificial Intelligence is going to be utilised in this sector. 

  • The potential of Artificial Intelligence is harnessed to the fullest in an attempt to offer personalised and interactive experiences for buyers. 
  • AI-powered review portals and the ability to fetch real-time information allows E-commerce executives to highlight and resolve genuine consumer pain points. 
  • Also, chatbots help all potential buyers with prompt answers to quick queries on the go. 

Government enterprises are equally benefitted by AI 

Lastly, AI has a significant role to play across most government organisations around the globe. This is an indication of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is widely accepted and harnessed by every single entity under the sun, including the government officials. 

Here’s how AI is leveraged by government agencies in today’s world. 

  • AI can be utilised to assist members of government forums to interact with government agencies and public over multiple topics and emergency issues. 
  • Authoritarian entities associated with government agencies can harness the potential of AI and virtual assistants in order to answer questions, direct and process requests from time to time. 

To End With, 

So, it seems that the emergence of AI is here for the long halt, and it will only continue to make its presence felt across more of such crucial sectors in 2021 and many more to come. However, lest we forget, one must not cross the lines and try to violate ethical usage of AI or end up exploiting this resource in the long run. 


Author Bio: Ema lee is an experienced academic writer, working on behalf of the platform MyAssignmenthelp.com, for the last six years. Also, she is a freelance blogger, musician.

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