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6 Best Inventory Management Apps to Manage Stock on The Go

As the owner of a product-based firm, you might have understood the importance of inventory management in tracking products, pricing, and availability to facilitate your company’s growth and success. As a result, whether you are selling through an e-commerce platform or running a physical store, you should think about employing stock management software to help automate and optimize your procedures. Here are six of the best inventory management app alternatives.


Zadinga is a store management tool that handles all of your inventory management needs so you can focus on building your business. From time-saving stock management, billing, and the creation of your online shop to real-time sales data and everything in between, you will not only have a better business, but you will have calmness every day. Zadinga’s automatic inventory management saves you time and eliminates human errors.

Inventory Now:

This app is designed to be a simplified option for small business owners, but it can also serve as an additional tool for those who already have a robust POS system in place. Inventory Now enables users to track their things throughout the entire process, from when they enter your Inventory to when they are sold and sent. Enter each item in your Inventory and notify the app when you buy or sell it. You can also notify Inventory Now when products are collected, shipped, or delivered.

Stock control:

Stock Control is ideal for people looking for a straightforward inventory management programme with no extra fluff or needless features. Stock Control makes it simple to add products, create distinct groups, and assign each group to a specified storage place. This programme also allows users to activate shortage warnings for each item, ensuring that you are never left understocked or oversupplied because you were not keeping track of your inventory levels. You may even manage large groups of Inventory at once and provide notes and comprehensive information on individual goods.


On Shelf is a terrific solution for businesses of all sizes looking for a really easy and uncomplicated inventory management system. Entering things is simple, and you will be able to follow them as they arrive and know which items are in stock at any particular time. To guarantee that you never run out of stock, you can track your sales and keep an eye on the quickest movers. On Shelf even permit you to submit an order to your supplier directly from the app and swiftly check fresh shipments into Inventory, updating your figures instantly.

My stock inventory manager:

My Stock Inventory Manager app is designed primarily for use on mobile and tablet devices. myStock Inventory Manager is ideal for individuals as well as small and medium-sized organizations. It allows users to record and monitor stock movements.

Simple inventory control:

Simple Inventory Control is a professional inventory management tracker and stock control tool for Windows. Simple Inventory Control allows you to monitor stock numbers easily, move across locations, establish low-level stock alerts, and more.

Final thoughts 

The alternatives mentioned above can undoubtedly help you streamline your inventory processes, as they provide critical features and the flexibility to upgrade if necessary.

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