6 Effective benefits of morning exercise

When do you work out? In the morning or the evening? A lot of people would answer this with, ‘ I love to work out in the morning, but my work schedule and house chores don’t give me the time to do so’. It is so true for a lot of us.

We all want to not hit the snooze button and wake up early to get in at least 30 minutes of workout. But usually, our sleep and laziness win over. After that precious moment passes, finding the time to get in some exercise in the morning is quite challenging. Getting ready for work, getting kids ready, or doing house chores all takes up so much time that we barely make it to the office on time. How to find time for a workout?

But believe me when I say, when you start working out in the morning, your days will start getting better and more organized. You will have a routine, more energy, and focus, and you can hit the sack after work, instead of going to the gym.

Motivate yourself by reading the benefits of working out in the wee hours of the morning.

1. It improves your metabolism

EPOC is a term with heavy weightage in the fitness world. Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption refers to the fact that your body burns more fat after exercising, even if you drive or sit at a desk.

When you work out in the morning, your body has the whole day ahead to use this. When you eat after you workout in the morning, the calories you intake are used by the body to replenish it, instead of storing it as fat for later.

The metabolism rate of the body after the morning workout is high, burning your calories. It is the one thing that won’t happen if you exercise later in the day.

2. Its sets a routine for you

Once you start working out in the morning, you are setting up a routine for yourself. It will help as you can plan your whole day well as you know how your morning will go. It ensures you accomplish your goals for the day better. It takes two months or roughly 66 days for a habit to become routine. So, never give up at least for 66 days, and then you won’t even notice it anymore.

3. It enhances mental and physical focus

Mornings are challenging for most people, and we lack energy and focus. That is why most people run to grab caffeine first thing in the morning. While caffeine is great, a better way to focus and energize is to exercise in the morning.

When you get your body moving and your heart thumping, you are energizing your body mentally and physically. It alerts your brain, and you are better at completing all goals that you set for yourself for the day.

4. It lifts your mood

The early morning sweat after a workout/jog/walk makes you happy, optimistic and uplifts your moods. The increasing heartbeat releases all the happy chemicals/hormones like endorphins in the body. It can make your day chirpier and better and less stressful.

When you start the day on a healthy note, you are proud and happyish!

5. It regulates stress

Too much stress doesn’t do any favours for our physical and mental health. And when you start your day with exercise, you decrease the cortisol (stress-producing hormone) level. The result- your day is less stressful, and you don’t worry about everything.

6. It improves sleep

When you work out at night, it stresses your body as any exercise would do. But in the evening, you don’t get enough time to relax your body, making it harder to fall asleep. A morning workout, however, promotes the quality and length of your sleep.

To start working out in morning:

  • Keep the alarm far off, so you have to walk to shut it off
  • Start with warmup
  • Start with 10 minutes of exercise
  • Keep your workout clothes out
  • Plan your workout with details, what exercise you want to do and for how long using Canva planner.

A day starts in the right manner when you wake up and do exercise, even if it is a walk and little cardio. Try it for a few days, and you will never want to go back to evening workouts!

Ending this blog with this quote by Henry David Thoreau, “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

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