6 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

Ever worried about securing your online privacy? If yes, then check out all the 6 ways to protect your privacy online to be secure from all the threats.

Limit Social Media Sharing

Social media platforms influenced most of the people towards showing off and everybody shares their every tiny detail through updating status. Sharing too much personal information on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform can get you in trouble by making it much easier for the cybercriminals to identify your personal that can lead them to steal your confidential information.

One of the best and first approach to be on the safe side from privacy theft, make sure not to share your any personal stuff over the social media or any other online platform.

Browse in Incognito Mode

For the extra layer of security, always browse the internet in the incognito mode of browser. Best thing about incognito mode is, it doesn’t store any information and don’t keep any track of your browsing history and cookies. This keeps you safe from any sort of data breach. You can enable the incognito mode by right clicking on the browser and choose the open in incognito mode.

Open the URLs that you trust

One of the major threat to privacy is online URL opening. Most of the users aren’t aware of the website either it is secure or fabricated. Once user opens up the link all his info is grabbed by a remote server.

There’s tons of ways hackers hide the malicious code in a URL and once the user open it up, all your data goes into the wrong hands. Only open up the webpages you trust.

Smartphone Hacking for Privacy

Smartphones are another factor your privacy can get stolen. If you have a question how? You will be amazed to know that there’s many spying apps and remote administration tools in the market like androrat that let the user easily can take over your remote smartphone.

How these tools work. Well, attacker creates a malicious coded app and sends the target to install on their phone. Once the application gets installed, they get full control of the target phone.  Make sure to install apps from only known sources. Never install any app from any un-trusted source.

Download Official Apps/ Gaming Softwares

Have you ever thought that playing games online can also be a risk to your privacy? You must take your gaming seriously and securely. Make sure to install the un-touched softwares for every gaming gear. If you’re using the Logitech gears, install and keep the all in one Logitech G Hub software handy and to get rid of other annoying drivers that might harm your system.

Using Anti-Malware or Antivirus

Using an anti-malware or antivirus can be life saving when it comes to the online privacy. Always install an antivirus and keep it up to date. Keep scaning your machine frequently time to time.

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