7 must-have mobile apps for creative

And since not everyone is affiliated with the Apple brand, we are going to show you some tools you can use on Android.

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Draw vector illustrations directly on your smartphone? It has been possible on Android since 2016.

Adobe Illustrator Draw will not require any adaptation from Illustrator enthusiasts for their desktops, since it has the same tools and configurations.

With a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, you can even work on both versions in parallel, and then publish your works on Balance!

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Source: Adobe.com

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  1. Adobe Photoshop mix

His application, also developed by Adobe, gives you a mini pocket Photoshop.

This Swiss Army Knife will prove to be very useful for combining elements from different photos, working with layers, adding filters and other little secrets of photo development.

Easy to use, Adobe Photoshop mix automatically synchronizes with its big brother on your computer.

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  1. Sketchbook

Draw freehand almost as easily as in a notebook, that’s what Sketchbook has to offer.

This application includes 190 different types of brushes and a large color library, it allows you to scan sketches to work on them and correct the shapes of your drawings as needed.

  1. Infinite Design

To infinity and beyond. This is certainly what the developers of Infinite Best Folio3 App Design Agency in USA  must have posed as a limit.

In your pocket, you’ll have a very reputable competitor to Illustrator, with plenty of editing options for your images… and even the ability to create them in 3D with perspective.

The possibilities are so numerous that it would take too long to list: it’s up to you to discover them.

  1. Infinite Painter

 The application allows you to create clean lines with guides, draw 3D cityscapes, play with paper textures, fluidity and adjust color, transform at will.

  1. Canvas

Canvas is well known for its computer use, which makes it possible to create designs very quickly for any situation on the web or in everyday life.

The app is now available on iOS & Android, with the same features.

Its big plus for a designer: formats already sized for social networks or posters, on which you can lay out a possible presentation in a few clicks. Convenient to show off your talents!

  1. Find my font

Strolling the streets, seeing a typography you like and being able to identify it, or find a very similar one?

This is what the Find my Font mobile application offers. Its database includes over 150,000 different typefaces. You’ll never be caught off guard again when you read a sign outside!

All of these apps are free, so you can stay creative without spending a dime.

Your smartphone will quickly become even more essential to you. But you can tell it’s for work. Only for work…

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