7 Steps To Design Customized T-Shirt

No matter what is age, gender, or location, the love for a t-shirt is evergreen. Its stylish, comfortable, and the fashion to choose from is just unlimited. However, with so many options available, it often gets confusing which one to choose. 

How about designing one of your own via a t-shirt screen printing process that ticks all the boxes of your style quotient? Have you ever looked at a t-shirt and thought certain changes will make it look perfect or looking at a white t-shirt makes your inner artist go crazy? 

Do you want to promote your business with a customized t-shirt or want to start a side income merchandise on your own? Or are you looking ahead to host a special event like a marathon or reunion with your t-shirt as the dress code?

Whatever the purpose be, the style quotient with the t-shirts remain the same, it’s what you do with them that counts.

We have mentioned below the 7 basic steps of t-shirt design, right from the very first thing of getting an idea to mass production of those t-shirts. Doesn’t matter what your experience is, these tips will answer what you are exactly looking for.

Finding The Why?

If you are looking to do it for promotional purposes than branding is the main goal. If it’s strictly for fashion purposes, you will still be looking at choosing a consistent brand theme. Start by writing a few themes of your choices, style, and personality traits which can be reflected by the t-shirt you are planning to make. 

A well-planned t-shirt shows its nature with just a glance, whether it is serious or playful, edgy, or conservative? Luxurious or casual. Also, keep in mind the age group and taste of the audience you’ll be targeting in the market.

Budget And Quantity

Plan how much you want to spend on what will be the number of printed t-shirts. This will help in choosing the colors you will use, printing methods to be used such as cheap screen-printing t-shirts which will save your money on the budget part and compromising a bit in the quality.

The number of printed t-shirts will decide what printing method to choose from and saving you some bucks. Before you begin to choose the theme and design, plan these two things accordingly.

Printing Options

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking to deliver the best, but the printing method decides your t-shirt’s cost, appearance, production time, and material. Try to research and gather information about each method.

Screen printing is the best and reliable method for a t-shirt printing and you can print in bulk.

Vinyl graphics uses the heat transfer method for printing which uses more durable vinyl instead of just ink.

A new option in the market is Direct-to-garment (DTG) uses the freedom of inkjet printing by printing directly on fabric.

Finding The Designer

The market is full of professional designers who are ready to put your design concept into reality. If you are new or not an expert in designing, make sure to hire a professional, do a good expert in finding a designer to best suit your needs that thinks like you, and understand your expectations. 

Keep a clear communication about your vision, tell him your design ideas, messaging, and audience. Give them everything you want to have so you can get the perfectly designed t-shirt.

Concept Of The Design

Make sure you don’t jump to conclusions in the early stage of the preparations. Put in all your time and effort you put in when it comes to finalizing what is going to be on your t-shirt! 

You have to select the t-shirt types as there are many to choose from, think about your audience, what do they like.

Style and imagery based on your brand, market and why are you designing the t-shirt at the place. At this stage, you have to rely on your creative and artistic instincts before going for your t-shirt graphic design that is just perfect. 

Evaluation Of Design

As you start shortlisting all the designs from all the options that came in, browse every version keeping in mind your marketing plans. Which design will look good on which type of t-shirt? 

Is the color composition correct and in your budget? What about the font style and size? And then make a clear communication about them with your designer to add or remove a few things.

Right Files Of The Design

Now that you are on the final stages of your t-shirt printing, you have to go back to the information you have received from the printer and make sure you have all the files from the designer in the right format.

You might probably need all the t-shirt designs in the vector format like Adobe Illustrator (AI), PDF, or EPS file. For each different t-shirt design, you’re creating, you’ll need a different one.

The color codes should have to be in the Pantone or CMYK if the printer does custom colors so that the final result turns out to look exactly what you want.

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