9 Top things to do on your first visit to New Zealand

1.Stay in a mountain hut for a night

The mountain huts in New Zealand have a vast network, which enables multiple journeys to take place. Please spend the night in one of the more than 1,000 huts throughout the country on a list of adventure seekers.

The huts vary from super remote, simple to comfortable, and easy to access. Do your research, as prices and popularity also vary. Some book in advance for weeks, while others aren’t full.

Fun Fact: You don’t walk if you plan to stay in a hut overnight. Instead, Kiwis call the trampling that could be compared to the so-called “backpacking” of North Americans.

  1. Swim with Dolphins 

This experience will be a dream come true, if you are obsessed with “Flipper” and all things related to dolphins (like I did!).

The Dusky Dolphin is located directly off the coast of the small South Island village of Kaikoura. It is known that this species is small and very playful (up to 2 metres long). They are very much acrobat, and they often flip from the water!

  1. Eat a Fergburger

Before our visit to NZ, we spoke to some people just back from similar tours and each led with this: “Oh , my God, YOU NEED TO EAT AT FERGBURGER! We were pleasantly surprised by something so hyped.

We had two meals there (one could have been a cure for hangovers …) and the burgers were absolutely fantastic both times. All you can want is cooked meat in a burger. There are many creative toppings. Sweets of good taste. Enormous servings.

  1. Bungy Jump

We’ve all heard this famous quote of Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do one thing every day that frightens you.” Basically, this sages First Lady is telling you to jump Bungy … or so …?

New Zealand is the ideal place to jump for a couple of reasons:

This insane adrenaline sport had been invented in New Zealand. (The first bungy to ever have had was a man named AJ Hackett, near Queenstown, on Kawarau Bridge, and a very successful firm has been in his name.)

There are tonnes of bungee jumps throughout the country that are suitable for everyone. Whether you first dive into the scenic gorge off Kawarau Bridge (the original!) or take the highest jump in Nevis, you can choose from lots of different jumps.

  1. Learn about Māori Culture

The Maoris are New Zealand’s Indigenous peoples and are famous worldwide for their stunning tattoo designs and the Haka dance, in which warriors have stepped out their tongues to bully enemies.

It’s famous all over the world today, because the All Blacks Rugby team makes a Haka before every game. Check this video of a Maori dance party performing the Haka if you are unfamiliar with this war dance!

While “see a Haka” may be in your list already, I’d urge you to expand it to learn more about Maori culture.

Fun fact: Maori ancestors came from French Polynesia, and settled in New Zealand only 700 years ago, making this country one of the last places for mankind.

You will go to various stations to learn about various aspects of the culture and history, including tattoos, social roles and Maori’s creative storeys in traditional clothing. There will be a cultural show (similar to the village of Living) that will end with a massive Buffet of Hangi.

  1. Visit Milford Sound

Touched as “the most popular tourist destination in New Zealand” and even known as the eighth wonder of the world, Milford Sound is a must when you visit New Zealand for your first time.

The 15 km stretch of Milford Sound, located in the Fiordland National Park, has pure rock faces, mountain peaks and two permanent waterfalls: Lady Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls.

It is known that Milford Sound receives heavy precipitation, creating temporary waterfalls on almost every rock façade of the fjord. Don’t worry, then, if your cruise day is predicted to rain: rainy days are said to be Milford sound’s best time to experience. (While our clear , sunny day was pretty sp, we thought.

7. Live the Vanlife

The perfect place to revive your motor is New Zealand. This country is well suited to both caravaners and newbies on campgrounds that range from free and basic to damn luxuriant (with a price tag!).

There’s something unmentionable about living on wheels in a home, if even for a few weeks. It shows you how straightforward life can be if you let it and allows you to wake up one day next to the mountains and next to the sea.

Think about a camping adventure on your trip to New Zealand? You are fortunate because we have developed a massive guide with all you need to know about planning a camping trip to New Zealand.

8. Log as many hikes as possible

New Zealand is a paradise for walkers. Thousands of paths are in different difficulty and lengths throughout the country.

From the famous Te Araroa trail to a wealth of day walks suitable for even inexperienced hikers, which extends across both the North and South Islands at a distance of 3,000 km and takes about 4 months to complete.

It can be easy to be too ambitious and have a big list of tracks, but you will have to take and choose if you do not plan on your first trip to NZ.

This can be done during a day walk or an overnight tour, located in the Coromandel Peninsula. We recommend to spend the night at Pinnacles Hut when we get to sunset and sunrise. The hut is 3 hours away, the pinnacles is only 45 minutes away and the day journey is not at least 6 hours away from the hut the Pinnacles, which involves some ropes and metal bars, until the climb to the pinnacles.

9. Eat a Golden Kiwi

These delicious golden fruits are softer and juicer than their green counterparts, and while travelling in the Kiwi country you should absolutely try one (or 10!).

Tip: Golden kiwis are much thinner (and less hairy), then go on and bite in like an apple you would eat. The skin packages with a healthy dose of fibre and vitamin C, so don’t even consider waste this rich layer of nutrients!

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