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RuneScape Old-school players often spend a lot of time fighting enemies. Of course, the game in this sequence has different enemies. Normally, the word “devil” would read anything with its name as devil.

That is, there are many enemies who do not have the “devils” of the names listed as bloodthirsty demons. Bloodvelds may have been more of a beast assigned to me than Slayer’s work.

Fortunately, this type of assassination can be reduced by using demonic weapons, the most famous being Arclight.

As RuneScape alumni train their battles with Slayer skills, you need to learn how to get Arclight and OSRS.

High speed navigation display

Search 1: Demon Slayer

Obtaining Arc Lite is an easy task compared to the type of gadget used. All you have to do is ask a few questions.

First you need to complete the “Demon Slayer” you want. The quest revolves around the magic sword of silver light as well as how to use it to save the warriors from demons. This is an important starting point, and it pays you back.

To start “Demon Slayer”, tell the Gypsy arclight osrs in your tent near Varrock Square.

Although this is a simple desire, I recommend using the RuneLite server. The RuneLite client enables you to download the Quest Helper plugin from its plugin slot.

Help Quest will show you the items you want to bring, the NPC you want to share, and what you need to do together. In short, Helper Quest does everything except suppress your physical behavior.

Search 2: Shadow of the storm

Once “Demon Slayer” is complete, you will be done with the next search “Shadow of the Storm”. It’s a breakthrough in subject matter, but it’s still very simple, showing a lot of characters.

To get started with “Shadow of the Storm”, you need to do another quest called “Demon Slayer”, “Golem” and remove at least 30 crafts. To meet the requirements, tell Father Raine on the right bank of Al-Kard. While you are here, try to figure out how to cut something valuable.

At the end of “Shadow of the Storm” the ancient shard osrs light turns black with demon blood. It has now been updated to the latest version called Dark Light.

Making arc light

Now you need to upgrade Dark Light to Arc Light. It does not require passion, but it is easy. First, you need to learn how to get to Catacombs and OSRS. Then you have to kill the monsters in Catacombs until you have three or more old pieces.

Navigate through the Catacombs, using the 3D platform in your shopping cart. This is the first place you entered under a statue in the house of Corinth. Use the dim light on the altar in front of you.

This exercise combines dark light with nozzles in the arc light. Remember, Arc Lite is a charged weapon, starting with 1,000 charges. To insert it, use a few old pieces. Three arclights for three old pieces, costing a maximum of 10,000.

Final thoughts

An easy way to get Arclight on OSRS. First, complete your search for “Demon Slayer” in Varrock for Silverlight. Then find the requirements and complete the next quest “Shadow in the Storm”.

After completing these two questions, bring the dark light and at least three old pieces to the altar in the Corinds Catacombs. Using the dim light on the altar, you will create an arc light.

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