A Complete Guide About Choosing The Right Kraft Boxes

Meta: If you want to make your product look exceptional and unique amid other similar items placed on the shelf, choosing the right kind of kraft box is the only way to do so.

Though there are hundreds of quality packages available in the market to choose from, kraft boxes still remain a top priority of many businesses such as bakeries, gift items, soaps, cosmetics, books, and apparel. The reasons why they are extensively used and preferred all around include eco-friendliness, lightweight, variety in shapes, and the choice of infinite customization.

It is aptly right that one should not judge a book by its cover but to judge a product by the package it comes in is something out of control. It takes seconds for people to build perceptions about the product by studying the package solely. As a business or brand for small items, you must keep in mind the significance of personalized boxes. Here is a perfect all-inclusive guide to choosing the right kraft packaging for your product so that it brings you a good deal of repute and customer influx.

Safe Delivery Or Shipment

The primary deciding factor for a rightly chosen kraft package is whether it can provide enough protection to your item or not? Ensure that your chosen package has the ability to withstand any kind of impact, jolts, temperature variation, or pressure. Use packaging that is not only eco-friendly and recyclable but also durable. With added corrugated layers and slots, the boxes provide additional safety to the items within. Delivery of the item directly to the customer or indirectly after long shipping and retail process, kraft packages do not care about the mode of transit and focus on providing safety.

 Decide On Your Product

If you are fresh in the field of business and about to launch something new, getting full know-how of your commodity is a must. As a product manufacturer, it is crucial that you know and understand your product thoroughly. For instance, as a soap manufacturer, you must know everything about soaps, such as the ingredients needed in their manufacturing and where to obtain them, fragrances to be added (if any), varied shapes and sizes, bar or liquid soaps, and their prices as well. Considering all these factors will help in getting the best packaging for your brand.

 A Quick Research On Brand Strategies

After you have decided on your product and considered the key factors for its quality manufacturing, you need to do little research on effective marketing strategies that are currently used by popular brands and companies. This will give you enough insight into which packaging to use for your brand and how creative to get with it. Since every other business has started using unique packaging designs, you have to be as innovative as humanly possible in your approach to lure customers into buying your brand.

 Pick Appropriate Box Size 

Setting the appropriate size of the kraft boxes is a big concern and also the foremost step in designing smart product packaging. It could be troublesome if it does not keep the held item fit and in place. Hence if you want your customers to think highly of your product, you need to choose the right size for the package. Get it custom fit according to the shape, height, width, and weight of your article or item. 

 Choose The Right Shape

Kraft packages come in numerous shapes and designs. Due to their adaptability, they can be molded into almost any perceivable shape – rectangular, oval, cylindrical, square, triangular, or even in a bag shape. To keep the customers hooked to your product, make sure that you give them an indelible unboxing experience. Everybody likes holding and opening a box that is highly appealing. For example, rectangular envelope kraft packaging with silk ribbon bows on top will be a good fit for gifts or bakery items such as cupcakes. 

 Select Spectacular Designs 

As a brand that sells online as well, you have to be clear about where your product is going i.e., on shelves for display or directly to the customers via mailing or courier service. With this in mind, choose a stylish and updated kraft package for the presentation of your product. Such packaging is considered ideal for smaller commodities. You can choose any eye-catching design for this purpose – pillow box, gable bag, window cut, sleeved package, foot lock, or straight tuck-end, keeping in mind the requirement of the commodity. 

 Get Exclusive With Custom Prints

After getting the right size and shape, decide on which style best suits your commodity – natural, minimalist, or artisan. Afterward, choose any trendy or vintage pattern like floral, geometric, nature, or crisscross for your package to give it a cool look. Custom printing is where you can get all inventive and creative. Using advanced custom printing effects and techniques, you can create a wow effect and make customers go fanatic over your product.

 Well, this is it. Yeah! Your right package, along with the product, is ready to be introduced in the market. With minimalist designing, kraft boxes are certainly the most sophisticated packaging boxes of the modern era that have revolutionized the presentation of items. Now, how right of a kraft package you choose determines the fate of your commodity and brand ultimately.

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