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A Detailed Guide to Hire the Best HDB Renovation Contractor

Renovation is the basic demand for any building, home, office, or other structure. Moreover, it helps to keep your property safe for a long run.

Roof leaks, electrical issues, cracks, tears, patched walls, or plumbing problems generate a need for a renovation contractor. But when it comes to choosing the best, HDB registered contractors are the most preferred choice. They guarantee safety and ensure an improvement to the clients.

Today, we will share some important tips with you regarding selecting the best HDB renovation contractor. But before that, you will understand the meaning of HDB contractor and other important factors.

An Overview Of HDB Renovation Contractors

First, you need to understand the importance and meaning of HDB contractors. The full form of HDB is the Housing and Development Board, a statutory board of the Singapore government. The HDB registererd contractors get professional training from the institute. Moreover, the contractors know well how to renovate flats or homes. The contractors can easily complete all work without further damage to the room or property.

The contractor undergoes rules and other important factors that need to be followed by the Housing and Development Board. So, HDB-licensed renovation contractors offer a 100% compliance guarantee.

Do you know an HDB-approved contractor can be suspended if they don’t follow HDB rules? So, choosing them won’t be a wrong decision.

Which contractors are HDB-approved?

  • To become an HDB approved contractor, one should be an owner of a firm for one year or more than it.
  • They need to complete the HDB training course.
  • The contractor should be involved in renovation work and need at least three years of experience in the renovation of flats or homes.
  • One more important factor has an ACRA-registered company for at least a one-year minimum.
  • Also, the company should have an excellent past record.

How To Choose A Best Renovation Contractor?

1. Complete your research homework!

Research is a basic key to finding the right help. Start your work by finding the best-suited HDB renovation contractor. Now the major task is to narrow down your research. Select the companies that fit under your budget without digging a hole into your pocket.

To find the best among all, you can ask your friends or family and at last, cross-check on the internet. You must prefer asking those people who have recently hired a contractor for renovation work. They can guide you with the latest updates or other work. Following the same will benefit you with a clear vision at the end of the day.

2. Check your requirements!

Now it’s your turn! Let’s hop on to the most important decision. Check out what your needs are if you have to renovate the exterior interiors, maximize the space of the room, or any other. Later it will be worth narrowing down your needs. Now, you can choose the right HDB renovation contractor for handling a project.

Work will be easier if you make a list of your priority needs. Now you can choose a category of a contractor that you need.

For example, if you are renovating the kitchen, you will select a contractor with great experience in renovating the kitchen. So, once you complete the research now, you can select a contractor as per your needs and their specialization.

3. What’s your budget?

Budget planning is also one of the most important elements to consider before choosing a contractor.

Pen down the requirements and then their description. For example, if you want to renovate a room, list elements needed like paint, primer, wood, and other important things you need to buy. Now, write down what your budget is.

You have to follow some tips for creating a budget. Like asking your HDB contractor about their payment.

Never rush to select a contractor without considering your budget. Moreover, you can ask a contractor about a rough estimate for overall work. You will benefit by choosing the best-suited one.

There is no such thing; a high charging contractor will be the best. You should choose the renovation contractor according to your pocket and budget.

4. Expert over a newbie!

Whether you are spending a penny or millions, the money should be worth spending. The home renovation takes a few days or maybe months to complete, so give your project to experienced people. Selecting some random contractor can be very risky because an amateur can’t handle work properly.

Once you have found an experienced company, ensure it is licensed and works by transparency with their clients. Check out the company’s track record for making the home renovation project successful. In general, a reputable firm must have at least five years’ experience to complete the renovation task.

5. Task completion deadline!

With an experienced contractor, you will get a date for renovation task completion. You don’t need to remind contractors about task completion; instead, they should take the initiative. It will be easier if you set a deadline for the contractor.

Moreover, ask the renovation company to agree upon completion of the task. Well, an HDB renovation contractor will give a final touch to the project at the mentioned time. They will notify you about improvement or update you regarding the project.

6. Ask them for insurance!

Property damage is a major fear for clients when it comes to renovation. So, we recommend you to ask contractors about insurance or warranty.

For example, the contractor can offer the guarantee of no damage. Still, if they break or damage something, the contractor needs to pay for it.


If you choose a good contractor, they will guarantee excellent work quality. Moreover, it’s important to make a good connection with your HDB renovation contractor so they will help you throughout the project. Also, it is beneficial for your home to be in the hands of an experienced contractor.

Renovation is an exciting task if done by expert professionals. Are you ready to choose the right HDB renovation contractor for your home or other space?

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