Advantages of going VPN

First, we should know what a VPN is?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It gives you online privacy, creating a private network from a public network. Your identity remains anonymous. VON hides your IP (internet protocol) address. So, your online activity remains untraceable. VPN offers you secure and encrypted network connection to give you better privacy compared to secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

A VPN is an online service that you can use by encrypting your online traffic and hiding your actual IP address to unblock geo-restricted/censored Internet content, and secure your online data from hackers and government surveillance.

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Features of going VPN

  • Free 

Going VPN is totally free with no subscription charges. You can enjoy free access to all blocked websites.

  • Unlimited 

No one wants to limit their internet downloads. With going VPN, you will get full, unmetered capacity with unlimited data caps. You can do online surfing with unlimited and non-expiring data. There are no limits on downloads as well.

  • High Speed 

All VPNs slows your internet down to some extent. But no one wants to sacrifice on their internet speed. High speed is always a top priority for those looking for good VPN. Going VPN is the solution you are looking for. It provides you high-speed streaming and downloading with light fast internet speed.

  • Global server location

VPN masks your IP address and encrypts your online traffic. It hides your digital footprints on internet. Your personal information will remain secure from online hackers and government surveillance. It also keeps you safe from online advertisers to track your personal data.

  • Access blocked content

Going VPN will give to get a pass by geo restricted websites. You don’t know what geo blocks are? When you try to access any website and you get the message, “this content is not available in your area.”

How does the dilemma help with a VPN? Websites will usually mask content behind geo-restrictions so they can see your geo-location while you’re online. Here’s what you need to know first. The platform you want to access essentially sees the link request that your computer sends, and the IP address from which the request comes. It can easily monitor your geo-location once the website knows your actual IP address. If it’s blacklisted, entry to another page will be refused or redirected.

So, Going VPN will hide your IP address and you will get access to restricted websites.

  • Total privacy and security

Wi-Fi is available everywhere now a day. It is very easy to use. But the problem with Wi-Fi is that it is unsecured and puts your personal data, including credit card details, bank account and email login information at risk. If you use going VPN make sure that your data and personal information, online communication is secure and safe.

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