Amazing Packaging Ideas for your Shoes Business

The innovation in footwear calls for the Shoe Boxes to be aligned with the changing landscape. Hence, you should follow fresh ideas for encasing your shoes.

Since they are worn by different people, a lot of different categories have emerged. First of all, there are causal shops. They are the day-to-day option for people. They range from simple sandals to sneakers and are worn by almost everybody in their daily lives. They can be manufactured by using different materials. Although they are also being given a luxurious touch these days their nature remains casual. The other kind of shoes is formal shoes. They are either laced or non-laced. Another type could be sports shoes but they are also included in the formal category. Given the demand and variability in shoes, Shoe Boxes must also be based on brilliant ideas. And there are some ideas you can follow for giving your footwear the best possible appearance.

The Wooden Compound

The idea sounds simple, and it is, but the elegance it contains is unmatched. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity and practicality. 

Usually, shoes do not come in such boxes. That is the whole point in making this packaging. You need to surprise and impress consumers. And there is no better way to it than to put your footwear inside this case. 

The mechanism operating behind this box is simple. You make a rectangular, wooden box, with a door. The door opens from the front and lets you see its constituents. For adding a touch of Luxury shoe boxes, add a handkerchief. You can add any handkerchief but to achieve the best effect, add the one that matches in color with the shoes. Insert a holding ribbon from the top lie a handle on a shopping bag for effortless handling. The branding should be done on both sides of the box. If possible, use all sides of the box for a description of your merchandise. 

The Drawer

This design is based on the traditional drawer. It opens and operates exactly like that. But it is more luxurious than the normal footwear boxes. The design is simple but the etching on it is quite stylish. The outer part is just engraved on its front side with the branding.

The inner part that is pulled out is engraved completely. The designing used for etching is usually antique and classic. This is done through laser patterning. Upon looking at it only once, one could tell the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into manufacturing it. 

The unboxing experiences that these boxes give are not provided by any other kinds of shoe boxes. It is also highly reusable due to its luxury nature. People do not throw it away. They use it to store other items after taking out their shoes.

The Color box

Colors affect us deeply. We like looking at colors all around us and associate different items with different colors. Although you can use as many colors as you want on your shoebox, it is ideal to use four to create a beautiful pattern. Use four contrasting colors to create appeal for your boxes.

You can use magnets to hold four different pieces together which gives the box and additional touch of magnificence. But these magnets must be hidden and work clandestinely. 

The Small Box

A lot of new shoe packaging ideas are being tried out by different brands. Since environmental issues have come to the fore, people are now worried about their buying habits and the waste generated from their purchases. That is why there is a new, minimalistic packaging being designed. This is based on making the box as small as possible.

According to estimates, almost every packaging being manufactured has almost 40% of space inside it which is unused. It means resources are being consumed that are of no actual use. Instead of wasting this space, you can create a smaller casing. 

There are two prominent advantages of this minimalistic approach. One is that it saves the environment. Green packaging is the way to go for businesses these days. The other benefit is that it saves you a lot of costs too. Making smaller boxes means spending fewer resources in the manufacturing process. If you are using fewer resources, it is advantageous for both your business and the ecology.

The Transparent Bubble

If you want cleanliness and efficacy in your design, you must try out the bubble packaging. It is arguably the simplest form of casing you can use. Transparency in this design also lets the customer see the shoe instantly. But you must always be cautious in your approach since designs like these are fragile.

Dual Colored

You could go for this unconventional and futuristic design that can be used with multicolored shoes. Different colored pairs are now trendy in the market, especially in sports. The contrast created through mismatching colors is hard to ignore. But it is not limited to sports only. It is also making inroads into daily lives. People who are fond of following trends are buying these shoes with contrasting corrugated shoe boxes.

It turns out there are multiple design orientations you can try for your shoe packaging. Now and then, a new one comes up. To keep up with the changing trends, your brand should consider fresh packaging based on unconventional ideas. That will make your casing stand out and make a lasting impact on your consumers.

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