Beautiful Small Laundry Room Ideas – Best Laundry Room Designs for Small Spaces

There are many ways to make a smaller space feel so much bigger, and I will share tips.

The scale of furniture

There’s a couple of ways you can play this. First of all, if you have a tiny space, make sure that your buying furniture fits the space.

If you want to put you know kind of the usual amount of furniture in the space, you’re going to want to look for smaller-scale pieces, smaller round tables, smaller scale chairs.

Use lighter cooler colour

To make a small space feel bigger is to use lighter, cooler colors, especially on your wall.

Using mirrors

Reflecting light is going to make your space feel larger instantly. There are mirrors for seriously every style of home decor. Whether you are more modern in your decor or more traditional, you can go for a more ornate traditional mirror if you like or just a modern simple round mirror. There are a ton of options. like a mirror gallery wall, and I think that looks so fantastic.


The easiest tip that I think any of us can do as long as we get that self-motivation is decluttering. You can use little knickknacks and doodads and sentimental items, but I think that is a straightforward and quick way to make any room feel bigger.

To hang your drapes higher

To make any room feel larger, this is an easy one. Its instant is to hang your drapes higher.

A lot of people hang their drapes too low, like right on the top of the window. If you could move that curtain rod up a few inches, so it’s, you know, maybe six inches from your ceiling, even four inches, that’s going to make your ceilings feel taller instantly and therefore make your whole room feel bigger.

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