Best architecture and construction applications: our 2019 selection

The most valuable resources in a lifetime? To this question, anyone who has succeeded will quote the time in first position, without any hesitation.

Unlike material objects, time cannot be recovered once it is lost. You can’t pass the time and then win it back. Time cannot be bought, cannot be rented, and cannot be borrowed. That’s why you have to manage it wisely, to really benefit from it. If you mess it up, it will be lost forever.

Money monopolizes our minds: we follow it through our statements, we reflect and we inquire about how to earn more and how to reinvest. Time seems to worry us much less; we even let other people steal it from us – when it is our most precious.

Don’t waste another minute – and first, take the time to fully understand how to manage this important resource. If, like many architects and contractors, you waste time getting stuck in traffic, writing job site reports in Word, printing sketches for annotation on the job site, and carefully tracking expenses … then this item is for you.

We have compiled a list of useful apps, which will help you optimize your time.

After all, you’re walking around with an architecture kit in your pocket. You need to take advantage of current technology, adopting applications that are particularly useful for architects. If you don’t, know that you will be wasting a lot of time, week after week!

The right apps can increase your productivity by over 200%, which equates to lots of free hours.

We’ve done most of the work for you: we’ve tested many architectural and construction applications, and analyzed feedback on them. Using these apps will help you save time, stay ahead of your competition, and work smarter rather than longer.

Here’s our list of the best Architecture apps, updated for 2019:


Best Apps for Architects 2019 Arch snapper | BIMx – Bridge between the design studio and the construction site

The principle:  BIM presentation on mobile devices

If you are using ARCHICAD, you should consider Graph iSOFT’s BIMx, an application for architects to present and share designs with clients and contractors. The application offers complete control over your BIM projects, with a cloud interface when you are working on the site. BIMx acts as a bridge between the design agency and the site, sparing you the ordeal of printing plans.


Full access to all BIM content: 3D models, construction drawings, timetables, element or space information.

Full 3D section plans

Hyper-model technology for integrated 2D / 3D construction project navigation

Compatible with Google Cardboard VR, for a rich and immersive design experience on iOS and Android smartphones

Additional BIMx Pro features:

Live presentation with predefined template displays

Intelligent measurements of configurations and within the 3D model

Air Print and Google Cloud Print

BIMx Pro – ArchiSnapper blog

Customer feedback:

“Facilitates the communication of a new design to a customer, and reduces the likelihood of delivering a product to the customer that is too different from their expectations.”

“Very easy to use. Allows the customer to navigate himself in his habitat, on his computer, at any time. Can be customized to choose the preview the customer sees. Can include drawings with hyperlinks inserted into the model so that the customer can switch between 3D and 2D views. “

AutoCAD mobile App 

AutoCAD Mobile is a drawing application, which allows you to view, create, edit and share AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices. It is an extension for your desktop AutoCAD, which allows you to share plans across multiple platforms in DWG format. By using this application, you no longer need to bring your drawings on the go, the application allows you to simply adjust the measurements and annotate the necessary on the spot.


Access to drawings from your mobile device, on site or outside the office

Supports multiple layers, for a more precise and detailed preview of information than on a paper drawing

Sketch, edit, annotate and measure plans on site or on the move

Receive updated drawings in AutoCAD as soon as you return to the office

AutoCAD mobile app via ArchiSnapper blog

Customer feedback:

Top Folio3 App Development companies in USA coordinate various jobs with other service providers such as sheet metal suppliers, lumber companies and furniture dealers. We upload our projects to the cloud, and these can be quickly reviewed with an iPad or iPhone for easy coordination of all jobs. Using A360, we can coordinate and share projects that can be easily reviewed at any location, and all without any paper support. “

“We can correct any discrepancies in the drawings between each step, and identify the source of the problem. This makes it possible to empower each designer, within the SEO Company Melbourne and each potential external consultant. “

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