Best Free Local SEO Tools in 2020 To Skyrocket Your Marketing

Free local SEO tools

Small business competition for local customers has never been easy. However, there are some of the best free SEO tools for 2020 available to maximize visibility and create growth in SERPs.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is just the best free tool for companies with a physical store or serving customers in their respective locations.

This SEO tool claims your business and makes it appear on Google Maps, the Knowledge Panel, and the local package.

What can Google My Business do?

Without creating and optimizing your GMB list, it is simply impossible to appear in key positions in local SERPs.

So if you really want to stand out from your competitors in local searches for opening hours, videos, photos, reviews, questions, and answers, etc., Google My Business is the only and definitive way.

Google My Business is valued because:

Optimizing the GMB listing can allow you to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Note: Never treat it as an “enter and forget” list. This means you need to be regular to add new posts, keep your questions and answers up to date, add photos, videos, submit quotes and yes, never forget to respond to comments (whether positive or negative).

Free tracking, analysis, and reporting tools

In order to execute an effective strategy, informed with careful reports, it is important to track and analyze your site data with the right tools.

Take a look at some of these free SEO tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an absolutely free tool that every online marketer should know about. The amazing insights it provides help you make informed decisions in almost every area of ​​your strategy.

What can Google Analytics do?

As mentioned above, Google Analytics (one of the best SEO 2020 tools) allows you to report and analyze metrics, such as the number of sessions, unique visitors, and conversions. All of these statistics help to develop a detailed understanding of your site’s traffic. Details such as: where does the traffic come from, how exactly did it get into your site, how did it get involved with your content, and where did it come from.

In addition, Google Analytics provides detailed user data, such as demographics and device usage, to help you inform your strategy.

Google Analytics is valued because:

By experts,

It is the most cost-effective analysis platform for companies (in all shapes and sizes). It helps all the way to stimulate traffic generation activities.

Google Data Studio [one of the best free SEO tools of 2020]

Google Data Studio is the best free SEO tracking tool when it comes to creating an exciting SEO report.

The tool allows users to use interactive dashboards and see the performance of the website.

What Google Data Studio can do:

While Analytics is a definite tool for understanding the behavior of your site users, Data Studio is the best when it comes to combining that data with other tools like the Google Search Console.

Data Studio allows you to do all this with its highly efficient multi-source reporting panels. The tool even allows you to merge them if necessary.

Google Data Studio is the best free reporting tool to show the results of your marketing efforts.

Google Data Studio report

Google Data Studio is valued because:

The tool, in addition to being a definitive way to create highly engaging SEO reports that show real-time data, historical comparisons and more, helps you see trends, which of course other tools do not.

Free Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is without a doubt one of the most important things to do when it comes to improving the visibility of a site’s search engine.

Keyword keywords, and how you rank them, obviously help focus your improvement efforts where it matters most.


Today, there are several keyword tools available to help you find keywords and control your search volume. Now, unfortunately, most of them are paid, that is, they require a certain type of payment from you for use.

However, there are also free tools, one of which is obviously Ubersuggest. This one of the best free SEO tools hosts a number of beneficial features and yes, all for free.

Keywords Everywhere

This free tool is actually a compliment to Chrome and Firefox, which displays keyword search volume data alongside Google search results and selects other tools. These tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, and YouTube.

The main advantage of this tool that sets it apart from many other keyword research tools is that it gives users a keyword volume without constantly having to use a tool like Ubersuggest.

Since the add-on always only works in the background, you get a sense of the popularity of your keywords slowly without really thinking about it.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a very effective keyword research tool, designed to help you search for keywords for your search campaigns.

This free tool can be used to find new keywords associated with your business. You can see estimates of the surveys they receive and, of course, the cost of targeting them.

Additionally, the keyword planner tool provides another way to create search engine campaigns. These forms are centered on in-depth keyword searches.

Note: Although the Keyword Planner provides keyword targeting information, the campaign effect depends on a number of factors.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Outside of Google, Moz is an incredible tool that allows you to analyze keywords, links, SERPs, or page optimization on the site. Moz does allow you to enter your page on their site for certain limited SEO recommendations. Or you can go to the MozBar extension.

In terms of free tools, the basic version of Moz Keyword Explorer is sufficient, and yes, it improves every year. However, the professional version is also available for comprehensive SEO analysis and insight, which is well worth the money.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public (one of the best free SEO tools for 2020) lets you find over 150 keyword ideas in seconds.

You may find that most SEO tools retrieve their respective data from the same place, i.e. Google Keyword Planner. Responding to the public, however, is different.

This truly amazing free keyword research tool finds questions asked on public forums, blogs, and of course on social media. The tool then turns these questions into incredible keywords:

Note: Answer The public tool includes a section of the results dedicated to “vs. Keywords ”, unlike almost all keyword research tools.

Some other free SEO tools for 2020


Woorank is basically a website crawling tool and SEO checker that performs on-page and off-page SEO analysis for better search rankings.

The tool provides a list of actions that can be used to give you and your team the insight needed to solve performance issues and increase search rankings.


Ahrefs is the biggest competitor to SEMrush with of course a strong emphasis on link building.

The tool really helps you perform the backlink analysis. This allows you to understand the good and bad links that come to your site.

Marketing was also reported using Ahrefs for competitive analysis. This is done to check the sites to be referenced for possible guest postings.

Note: Although Ahrefs is freemium, you will need to sign up for the premium version to find more links pointing to any domain or to increase the number of promotions and keywords.

Final Summary

Tools are very important for digital marketers and SEO people, and yes, there is no shortage of tools. On the one hand, where there is a wide range of premium tools available, there are also free tools available to provide powerful information about your site.

With these tools, you can give your site everything it needs for it to work well on Google.

So here my blogs finally end. I hope you enjoyed reading it. And yes, if in your opinion something or another suggestion is missing from your side, feel free to share it with me in the comments section.

Thank you!!

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