Best Ways To Use Torrent

ExtraTorrents Users face some problems while visiting the website. It’s not loading correctly, or, in some cases, not loading in the least.

Use a VPN Connection:

This is the foremost secure and long-term solution to your problem in accessing Extratorrents. It’ll unblock the other torrent website that the govt is obstructing you from.

Using a VPN, your IP address, which reveals your location and identity, is masked by the VPN Network.

So, suppose you reside in India, the VPN connection masks it from your home as the USA and provides you with a USA IP address.

When you visit the torrent website, the firewall sees your IP as a USA IP and thinks you’re from the USA, and it doesn’t block you anymore.

That’s how VPN works. It remakes your IP, which shifts your area at the destination website. So, any site which is geographically targeted is often unblocked and accessed freely with a VPN connection.

How to use VPN?

You just got to use VPN software for your OS. Every OS has VPN Software be it Windows or Linux or Android.

Use a Proxy Server:

Much like what a VPN does, you are employing a proxy server is like doing an equivalent thing manually. I mean, here, you would like to vary the IP settings manually from your Internet options on your computer.

You can find an inventory of IP addresses to use from here. This list gets perennial revised with recent IP addresses.

You can select any IP address and port from here and put it as your IP manually. Here’s the way to do this.

  • Open the instrument panel on your computer. Choose Network and Internet.
  • Now, the Network and Internet Settings page is going to be opened. Select Internet Options.
  • On the connections tab, click on Lan Settings.
  • Now within the Lan Settings Option, check on Use a Proxy Server for your Lan option.
  • Now, enter the Ip address and port within the respective sections, which you obtained from the proxy server list which I gave you initially.
  • Click OK. you’re done. Now you’ll check your IP online, and your location is going to be changed.

This method requires manual work but doesn’t need you to download additional software and pay money. This is often the most straightforward thanks to changing your IP. you’ll do this method to unblock extratorrents.

Use HTTPS rather than HTTP:

You might have seen the Secure Green https Padlock before some websites that signify that the connection between you and the site is private for that session.

Https adds a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over the regular HTTP sites to connect safe and personal.

Not all websites have SSL installed, so you can’t just browse any site in https.

But extratorrents possess SSL, and you’ll cash in on that SSL to load the location in https. Loading in https bypasses the blocks imposed by the govt.

To load the website in https, within the URL box, write “https://” (without the double quotes) before the URL you type.

This makes the website load in https, and ready to”> you’ll be able to unblock extratorrents and access any torrent sites freely.

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