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Beverage-Air has been fulfilling the fridge needs of commercial clients for nearly seventy years. The company doesn’t create household products, but rather manufactures aisles perfect for merchants and companies. Their accessible cold display cases are available in many shapes, sizes and designs that are perfect for showcasing products while keeping it in a cool temperature.

Herman Buffington created Beverage-Air in 1944. At the moment, Buffington helped expand the present refrigerator industry by creating something fresh. During the first years of Beverage-Air’s invention, Buffington designed the world’s first horizontal bottle cooler. Since that time, Beverage-Air was constantly looking for new ways to improve upon existing products and produce entirely new refrigerator attributes.

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Today, Beverage-Air offers many distinct refrigerators. Some are meant for behind the scenes use from the food industry, including reach in and roll up in refrigerators.

Variety of Models

Additional Beverage-Air versions are available which help improve on distance and efficacy. Beneath the counter and operating top refrigerators are easily stored in smaller regions or add more work room in a kitchen. Deli instances are also available that contain clear glass fronts which help optimize space and visual appeal.

Beverage-Air delivers many other unique products designed for the retail and food industries. Even though they don’t currently provide domestic refrigerators, Beverage-Air has made amazing leaps in the sphere of commercial heating and storage.

Blomberg Refrigerators

The Blomberg firm is one of few who has appreciated many years of serving customers and expanding its product lineup. Founded in 1883, the company started manufacturing washing machines in 1949.

Over thirty years later, the Blomberg company was responsible for producing the very first automatic washing machine, significantly increasing the convenience of household appliances. In recent years since then, Blomberg has continued adding more products to its stock.

Back in 2002, Blomberg was obtained by the next largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, Arcelik. After making improvements and updates to its available products and getting rebranding, a brand new lineup of Blomberg appliances was introduced in 2009.

These covered all the major areas the line failed, but with contemporary features and enhanced technology. In the last decade, Blomberg has moved beyond Europe to provide its products across the world.

The 3 chief types Blomberg appliances fall to comprise washing, cooking and cooling.

In the subject of cooling systems, Blomberg presents numerous products perfect for household usage. Free standing and built-in side by side refrigerators are available with and without ice makers.

Consumers in search of a conventional refrigerator can browse Blomberg’s selection of refrigerator and freezer combination appliances. These concentrate on the classic freezer on top, fridge on the bottom design. The list also has larder refrigerators and vertical versions.

Counter top, or compact refrigerator units produced by Blomberg are designed with that same dedication to advantage while keeping a very classic design. These include snack and drink mini refrigerators as well as wine coolers with glass doors.

Finally, Blomberg also produces a line of high capacity chest freezers. There are many appliances available to satisfy any family’s cooling needs.


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