Bintan, the Neighbor of Singapore, and its Six Beautiful Beaches

Bintan is an island of Kepulauan Riau province. Bintan is an underrated island with many fantastic tourist destinations that can spoil your eye. The local Government made these destinations a mainstay tourist destination to attract more visitors and boost the tourism of Bintan Island.

If you wonder, where is Bintan? The keyword for international tourists is near Singapore. However, if you look at the map, Bintan is located in the capital of the Riau, Tanjung Pinang. Bintan has many good tourist destinations for passionate adventure travelers, from natural to culinary. So what are you waiting for? Pack your back and book for a trip to Bintan Island.

Recommended Beaches in Bintan

As an island, Bintan is famous for its beaches. These are Bintan island best beaches, with beautiful scenes.

  1. Lagoi Beach

Lagoi Beach has a treat in the form of its beautiful scenery which you can enjoy during the trip, like its shrubs and shady trees. The waves on the beach are not too strong, but the charm is still there with the ornate granite stones and resort facilities, spas, discotheques, and golf courses.

  1. Senggiling Beach

Senggiling Beach is right beside Lagoi. The locals won’t hesitate to come even though the access is not easy to pass by. But it is worth it. The tourists can enjoy the soft texture of white sand on the seashore and take pictures with the surrounding big stones.

  1. Sakera Beach

The tourists can swim here because of the sloped beach. The greenish-blue clear water is the charm of Sakera Beach. This favorite tourist beach allows visitors to look for sea snails or shells at low tide or late as a local tradition.

  1. Trikora Beach

The main panorama of Trikora Beach is the beautiful scenery and granite stones that add to the exotic impression. You can enjoy the beach view with the presence of coconut trees, mangroves, pines, and other beauties, including the beautiful underwater, which is a good reason for snorkeling.

  1. White Sand Island (Pulau Beralas Pasir)

You can reach this island by using a speedboat from Teluk Bakau Village. The island across from Bintan Island is a mainstay for tourists to relax on the beach or diving and snorkeling.

The condition of the sea is maintained because the coral reefs are very well taken care of. Visitors can release the baby turtles to the beach in the turtle hatchery if you want additional activities.

  1. Crystal Lagoon

This lagoon is a sophisticated pool with a beach concept. The pool’s edge is sloping, and looks like sea sand because of the white fibers as the layers. You can enjoy the Crystal Lagoon area by walking or using the available segway or scooter.

Recommended Tour to Historical Sites

Looking for other attractions than the beach? Borobudur Temple tour from Jakarta might be an exciting choice. The journey through small towns with rice fields view to mesmerize your eyes might be the one you will enjoy.

The cool air of Magelang can be felt from the inside of the touring car. Potential visitors can book or rent their own inn or hotel, even rent a car with a driver.

The beach and historical places such as Borobudur Temple attract many tourists. As a tourist, the most important thing to remember is to maintain cleanliness while at the location because everyone has the right to visit these places in their best conditions.

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