Caring for a Mattress: Tips and Tricks

A mattress is a pretty big investment and one that completely influences your rest pattern. Because sleep is important for both mental and physical health, choose a mattress that’s right for you. And don’t forget to take care of it once you get it to ensure you maintain your money’s worth. 

Follow Directions

No matter your budget or mattress preferences and what you end up buying, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Failing to do so will void the warranty, and it’s simply money out the window that could be prevented. Every mattress comes with a tag detailing its do’s and don’ts, so read carefully and store properly for future reference.

Use Support

Depending on the mattress type, a preferred method of supporting it is also important, as this prevents deformation and early disintegration. To keep the characteristics of your mattress for the longest time possible, read about the support it needs. 

Spring mattresses usually require a box spring support, while memory foam types should be used with solid support. Don’t interchange the two, and check your support system once in a while to detect damages.

Use a Mattress Pad

Protectors are the easiest and most effective way to care for your mattress so use them from the get-go. They are essentially a barrier between your mattress and any spills, accidents, sweat, and/or dust, and much easier to clean.

How to Clean a Mattress Pad

Much like mattresses, pads come in different material types, each with its own characteristics and advantages. After picking the best mattress pads for you, make sure to again check the instructions before attempting to clean them. 

For machine-washable materials, keep things mild, both in terms of detergent and temperature. As for those that are not, like foam pads, vacuuming works best along with some spot-cleaning if necessary.

Flip Regularly

This is pretty self-explanatory — as you sleep on your mattress it can wear out. Flipping ensures it evens itself out. Experts suggest doing this every 6 months or so. Prevention is key, so take the necessary steps before it’s worn out beyond satisfaction.

No Jumping

Speaking of uneven wear, do not jump on the bed, or allow others to do so. Abusing your mattress with such force is bad for the spring, air, or water models. Foam mattresses are not invincible either, especially considering their firm support which can get damaged as well.

Change Linens Frequently

The advice can go a long way. Clean sheets along with clean pajamas and a clean body before getting into bed will keep those dust mites away. Your immune system will thank you too.

No Pets

You know it and deep down they know it too. Despite the puppy eyes, pets shouldn’t go on your bed. Even the cleanest fur balls still walk outside, shed hair, and maybe even do the occasional drool. So it’s best to keep that extra “dirt and grime” off your mattress and cuddle up elsewhere.


Following these simple steps, you should keep your mattress solid for a good long time. Even though a mattress won’t last forever, you have to keep it clean until it’s time for a change. With that in mind, recognize the signs of needing a new mattress and don’t delay on the purchase.

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