Changing Your Style: It’s Never Too Late

If you look back on your high school photos, you’ll probably cringe and ask yourself why you dressed a certain way back then. Your college photos may be no better, as you’re sporting fashion of a bygone era. Now that you’re a young adult, you want to dress your age–or at least, a more refined version of yourself.

Whether you’re looking to just update the items in your wardrobe or you want to change your style completely, it’s never too late.

<h3>Your Preferences Change Over the Years</h3>

You loved black eyeliner during your emo phase, but now, you prefer the more natural look because you’ve realized that it’s easier to do and fits your new style better. It’s time to swap out those black eyeliner pens for multipurpose beauty products. These days, the same product can be used for your eyelids, waterline, cheeks, and even your lips. With these kinds of products, it’s easier to coordinate your whole look, making it effortless to dress up any given day.

<h3>You Learn to be Good to Yourself</h3>

Back when you did not have your own money to spend, you were simply going for the cheapest makeup products you could buy with your allowance, and this could also go for the clothes you wear. What this means is you don’t have a wide range of options because you’re shopping on a very tight budget. Now, as an adult, it’s still important that you spend responsibly, but with your own salary, you can afford to treat yourself to a shopping spree for sheet masks online, as well as buy higher quality clothes that will last you for a long time. Now that you’ve learned to be good to yourself, you know when to say no to a discounted item that will only last you a few wears. For makeup, you’re also now more particular with how the makeup looks on your skin; if it’s not your shade or it does not do anything for your complexion, even if it’s cheap, it will not be your option.

<h3>You Learn the Art of Letting Go</h3>

Those hand-me-downs you’ve gotten used to have been a part of your closet for a long time that they’ve defined your fashion for a decade or so. Now that you can buy better clothes, you’ve also learned the art of letting go of items that don’t fit you anymore or don’t spark joy. Marie Kondo was on to something with her Konmari method, and you may have put this into practice in your own home. When you’re young and you don’t know when you’ll get the next fashionable item, you hold on to everything. This carries on until your early adulthood, when you first get a paycheck and buy everything you can. Then, later, you learn that this only adds to the clutter at home, which brings down your mood when items are not organized properly.

Throughout the years, it’s inevitable that your preferences and priorities change. Let your wardrobe and skincare routine reflect the new you, not who you were decades ago.


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