Choose the Best One : Which is Better Node JS or PHP

Almost a day their unit some new technologies rising, that decide to alter the information superhighway landscape. The server-side of information superhighway development is to boot divided. There unit long-standing heavy-weights like Java, C, and Perl thus newer, more web-focused languages like Ruby, Clojure and Go.

however, thanks for picking an ideal resolution for your project? we have an inclination to unit going to compare 2 back-end technologies PHP vs NodeJS.we incline to tend to hope we incline to tend to won’t begin a holy was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 primarily for internet development.

Originally PHP stood for private Home Page, however, presently it stands for an algorithmic descriptor – PHP: text Preprocessor. Usually, PHP is processed by an associate interpreter, supercharged by the Indo-European language Engine, that’s a place in on internet servers like Apache and Nginx.put together PHP code may even be embedded into language or HTML5 markup.

This flexibility contributed to the recognition of the language, PHP is presently used on quite eightieth of internet servers.Node.js is associate code document, JavaScript run-time surroundings accustomed execute JavaScript code on the server-side.Node.js development methodology has modified the paradigm that JavaScript is used fully on the client-side.

That’s why Node.js has become one in each of the foundational components of the “JavaScript everywhere” paradigm.Node.js was created by Ryan Dahl in 2009.

It is supercharged by Google’s V8 JS engine, that’s the identical engine that’s employed in Google Chrome application. These JS runtime surroundings don’t want a separate internet server or varied dependencies, their unit constitutional libraries that be careful for that.

Benefits of PHP

Some developers say that PHP is way easier to use then Node.js.

  • It’s easier to set up the event surroundings for PHP
  • To code on Node.js, you have got to know request functions and blockings
  • PHP features a larger library of directions and regularly asked queries (there were lots in twenty years)
  • The PHP developers community may be a huge and various cluster of individuals, they’re perpetually re-visioning and change libraries, frameworks and alternative PHP elements.

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You should accept victimization PHP once your project includes:

CMS technologies like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc, although there is only a vicinity of your project includes these technologies (for example journal, admin page, on-line store etc.)

If you are using an electronic information service – keep the company with PHP.

Here is the difference Nods JS And PHP Below :

  • MySQL / MySQLi
  • SQLite
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle (OCI8)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase
  • ODBC
  • mSQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Cloudspace
  • Apache Derby
  • Informix
  • Ovrimos SQL
  • Lotus Notes
  • DB++
  • DBM
  • dBase
  • DBX
  • FrontBase
  • filePro
  • Ingres II
  • Firebird/InterBase
  • Paradox File Access
  • MaxDB
  • PDO

Benefits of Node.JS

One of the most benefits of NodeJS is the support of multithreading. whereas it’s a necessity in browsers, it’s not that a lot of required in the net development method.

  • A single syntax for shopper and server aspect of the web site.
  • Node Js improves the reusability of the code and It makes it easier for stack developers.
  • Module caching – modules square measure downloaded and initialized after they square measure concerned the primary time after they’re perpetually on the market.
  • The stream module makes it easier to figure with massive files
  • Node has an associate degree nearly identical syntax to JavaScript, so it straightforward to pick-up and learn for JS developers.                                 

Chrome V8 engine

  • As it had been explicit before, Node.js is powered by the Chrome V8 engine. This engine is that the supply of the many alternative ought to think about employing Node.JS once your project includes:
  • Streaming knowledge transfer – ancient net stacks sometimes convert queries and corresponding communications protocol to elementary events.
  • However, they’re knowledge streams, and Node.js apps will make the most of that. a good example of this sort of knowledge stream is the filing process throughout the transfer or data transfer between completely different layers.
  • NodeJS supports period net development – this enables development chats, indulgent apps, apps like Twitter, or interfaces for fast electronic communication with ease.
  • however you have got to take care a result of the interval will vary, if the rubbish collector interferes, he stops the execution of the program. So, don’t develop an app or a system with a bonded interval on the NodeJS.telephone unit may be a method better option for this job.

Here is the PHP vs NodeJS comparison table of supported technologies

CMS Magento, WordPress, Opencart, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop Apostrophe2, Ghost, KeystoneJS, enduro.js, Pencilblue
MVC frameworks Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Phalcon, CackePHP Koa JS, Express JS, Sails JS
Realtime Ratchet, Wrench,, ws, Sockjs,
REST API RestClient, Guzzle, HTTPFUL Restify, Loopback
Scaffolding symfony+, laravel+ , yii+, CackePHP Yeoman
HTML templating Twig
Embedded js
Horizontal scaling implementation Elastic beanstalk, varnish Cluster mode, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk



It is a good idea to choose a winner in PHP vs Node.js based on the features and benefits. However, it is always better to see how they are performing back to back, PHP vs NodeJS. We have created two different test cases and will run them on the same machine.

The test bench configuration:

  • VDS
  • CPU – 1 core, 2GHz
  • RAM – 1GB RAM
  • Storage – 10GB SSD
  • OS – Debian 8.6
  • PHP 7.0.22 FPM
  • Node.js 6.11.2


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