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Cisco CCNA Certified: Ten Reasons Why One Should Get This Certification


Don’t we all have a long-lost craving to get a job in one of the leading IT companies? Although with the advent of technology into various domains, the job opportunities present are plenty. However, the competition is stiff.

The job seeker needs to have what we all call an “X-Factor,” Today, we will discuss how one would get the advantage in the IT field by doing a CCNA certification or Cisco’s Certified Network Associate Certification. We will list ten reasons for doing this certification to increase their chances of getting their dream job.

Stronghold on the foundational knowledge:

It’s essential to grasp one’s foundational knowledge to propel forward in life. CCNA certification works with the same logic, as it helps the learner to gain an in-depth understanding of the taught subject. In Today’s world, it is easy to have an idea about “n” number of things, but to be proficient in that is a different matter altogether.

By doing the Cisco CCNA certification, you’ll understand how the real world works and how the skill set shared with you can help in your professional life and career development. It’ll allow the learner to choose the sector in which they may want to work.

Refurbishment of the existing skillset:

Aren’t all the daily chores we do in our lives help in re-establishing our learned skill set? The examination and the defined learning materials help one to refurbish their existing skills. Any certification helps do the said task, but CCNA online courses and tests provide course materials and the basic scope to understand before appearing for the exam. By doing the listed things, one can redefine his existing skillset.

Get verification for the acquired skills:

Be it any certification, the objective behind doing any of them remains constant. To get verified. If you wish to reassure your employer or obtain a job in the said domain and they need to cross-verify your skillset, they’ll look into the Cisco CCNA certification.

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It is of utmost importance that one gets noticed while moving ahead in their career. Getting a CCNA certification course online might be the right step in gaining recognition. Cisco, as a brand, has immense prominence worldwide. Moreover, a hiring manager looks at this and gives you additional brownie points during the hiring process. With recognition from the leading brand, one can gain access to various domains or industries.

Acceptance across the business domain:

To gain acceptance in any industry is a rewarding task. A badge from Cisco might increase your demand and acceptance across the IT industry. As per research conducted by a subsidiary, it was found that 93% of the employers felt that having Cisco certification in an employee’s file automatically adds more value to their work and also increases their acceptance in the IT industry.

Better salaries than your peers: Money has a prominent space for motivating an individual to work in any domain or industry. Moreover, having CCNA training marks your salaries up. As per a third-party agency report, a Cisco CCNA certified individual gets an annual average package of US$78k. If you analyze closely, the CCNA certification cost is just US$300, plus some additional taxes. Isn’t it worth it to spend some dollars and reap multiplicative results?

Increased job security:

IT technology field is a dynamic workspace. People get fired every day over performance markers or new talents hired in their place, which offers more to the organization. Gaining a CCNA certification is by far the easiest method of securing your job in this field. Certification increases your knowledge of the domain, and as an additional benefit, ensures your position in this highly competitive field.

Chances of getting promotions in your workspace:

The competition in the IT field is high, and one needs to collect specific additional certificates and knowledge to gain a head start against the other competitors. By doing this Cisco certification, one gets an edge over the others, while their knowledge base gets substantially uplifted. The following factors compel your employers to give you a promotion.

Opportunities get unlocked: An employee often looks to change companies over his career. The change can be induced due to various factors, but the options available are still lower. By doing a CCNA certification, one gets a plethora of opportunities unlocked for themselves, and they can leave the organization if their career alignments don’t match.

Cisco partner companies look for this certification:

Mostly, it is found that if an employee is interested in getting teleported within the Cisco associated companies, the company asks the interested candidate explicitly to obtain the CCNA certification.


We hope the listing of the following reasons and factors would’ve helped you understand the benefits of a CCNA certification better. The competition is never going to halt. The only other thing which should not halt is our learnings and our foundational knowledge.

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