Clever DIY Laundry Room Ideas

In the bedroom, the confetti style duvet cover is used and decorated with the surface on the bedroom wall.

2.twinkle light shade

You can use the light on the bedroom wall in the bedroom, and other bulbs are installed.

5. DIY beside the pretty bench

In the bedroom, a colorful bench to the foot of the bed. And a candle on the table in the bedroom.

4. DIY a geometric wall decor

In the bedroom, geometric artwork on the bedroom wall painted beautiful colors on the wall and drew painting on the wall.

5.roman numerical clock decor

In the bedroom, you can decorate a DIY clock on the bedroom wall and lights around it.

6. DIY dotty wallpaper

In the bedroom, you can use dotty wallpaper on the wall of the bedroom.

7. gamestone mirror frame decor

In the bedroom, you can use game stone mirror frame decoration on the wall of the room.

8. photo heart collage

On the wall of a bedroom, you can use a photo heart collage; the wall.

9. blanket hooks

in the bedroom, you can try adding Blanket Hooks to the wall of the bedroom  to hang a towel, etc

10. pressed flowers decoration

in the bedroom, you can add a natural pressed flower on the walla of the room

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