Cosmetic Packaging with Offset Printing Technology 

Custom printed boxes are the essential need of every cosmetic product. It makes it easy to build brand authority through well-structured and well-designed custom boxes packaging. Attractive custom lipstick boxes can grab the users to buy that particular product to fulfill their needs.

According to a research in the developed countries, there is a rapid jump in the adoption of custom cosmetic boxes that result in an almost 25% increase in overall business in the cosmetic industry. As we all know that there are hundreds of various cosmetics brands in the market. So to make a noticeable place in this competitive market you have to have an appealing and captivating custom packaging boxes.

There are some best practices to develop the result-oriented custom lipstick boxes that you should follow to increase your lipstick sale. Many people are not aware of those tips, following we have addressed all of the most demanding tips for custom packaging boxes. So, make sure you read this article till the end to grab the most interesting knowledge.

Packaging Material 

The first and the foremost thing that matters in manufacturing the custom boxes is the packaging material. It can make or break the complete packaging scenario. There are three types of main and frequently used packaging material

  • Kraft Stock:
  • Bleach Card Stock
  • Art Card Stock

All of them have their own specialty in their categories. In addition to this, the stock thickness is also one thing that you should be aware of before choosing the packaging material. The stock thickness makes it possible to hold the product weight. A good packaging company will guide you to choose the best packaging material for your product that not only secures the product but to look unique and captivating too. People who want their cosmetic products for direct shipping, also use custom corrugated boxes. They are also known as custom shipping boxes.

Accurate Packaging Size

Other than the packaging material, the exact match product size is the next thing that you should be considered while designing the custom product boxes for your products. It is equally important to have the exact packaging size as a good packaging material to endure the product quality and its shelf life. You should give correct measurements of your product to your packaging suppliers so they can assemble a best-size custom lipstick boxes to hold it.

If you do not have knowledge about the product size, put a centimeters scale beside your product, and capture the image from various height, depth, and width dimensions and send these pictures to your packaging suppliers. A professional packaging company has the ability to make the exactly matched custom packaging on the basis of those dimensions.

Appealing packaging Artwork

The third most important tip to get the best custom lipstick boxes is, your artwork should be unique and appealing so it can attain the client’s attention at first sight. So you need to hire the best designer to create a unique and charismatic design to stand out your lipstick from the rest of the others. There are some professional packaging companies out there that provide free designing services to make the professional layout of your custom box packaging. For artwork printing, always so ahead with offset printing technology even if your order quantity is 100. If you don’t know about offset printing then you can check out this detailed guide to offset printing technology.

Moreover, your custom box packaging should follow your brand guidelines so the users can easily identify your brand. In this way, if they inspire with your product quality they will surely purchase other products as well. So stick to your brand guidelines to keep the similarity in custom product boxes.

Unique Packaging Style Template

Similar to the appealing packaging design a unique and attractive packaging style can also have a deep impact on the client’s observations. Imagine there are more than 50 various lipsticks lying on the stores shelf and more than half have similar packaging styles. If your product has adopted a different packaging style, stats show that more than 50% of the customers are attracted to the unique and charismatic packaging.


To conclude, we tried our best to convey to you the most effective tips for custom lipstick boxes packaging. We hope after reading this complete guide you will learn how you can create attractive and unique custom lipstick packaging boxes.

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