Covid 19 Testing, the Sword to kill Coronavirus

Covid 19 has been the topic of discussion for approximately a year now. It all started somewhere in December 2019 and today we are in September 2020. As per the current statistics, even after 10 months of battling with Coronavirus, there is not going to be any relief from this deadly virus anytime soon. 

This Covid 19 has affected so many individuals in so many ways, some of which are:

  • It has claimed millions of lives.
  • The people who get infected with this virus and who are able to recover from this virus have to go through a lot of side effects that this virus causes. 
  • This virus is not just dangerous from the medical aspect but also it has affected each and every industry financially.
  • So many people have lost their source of income during this pandemic.
  • The migrant workers have faced problems with their place of residence, food, and other basic necessities.
  • The doctors, policemen, and so many other frontline workers haven’t gotten any time for themselves and their families.

Now, looking at all these adverse effects of the novel coronavirus, you must have realised that it has been an eye opener for each and every human being in some way or the other. This virus has somehow forced us to reflect upon our behavior towards our peers and also towards our nature. We humans had gotten so busy with our lives that we became ignorant towards every other aspect. I think that this ignorance towards the importance of our nature and other humans has been a major reason why we haven’t been able to fight with this virus till now.

They say that in order to get rid of the novel coronavirus people have to wear masks, maintain physical distance, take care of themselves and the people surrounding them. But our selfish and self indulgent nature has become visible specifically now. These days it has become common knowledge that people are behaving carelessly when it comes to safety, hygiene and social distancing. It is funny that to keep people safe and healthy governments have to impose fines on them. This shows that we only think about our comfort and nothing else. 

Well however irresponsible the general public is, the doctors and governments are trying their level best to live up to the oath that they had taken when they joined these professions. They are working tirelessly every day to develop a vaccine for this fatal virus in the shortest time possible. Along with the vaccine, the government is also working on developing policies to help the people affected adversely from this virus.

But I think that our safety is and should be our responsibility. So it is important for the people to take proper precautions to keep them away from Coronavirus. We as individuals have to behave proactively in order to get back to the lives we had before this pandemic started. 

One of the proactive actions that can contribute a lot towards the fight against Covid 19 is to get ourselves tested for this virus.

Nasal Swab Testing and Rapid Antibodies Tests are now easily available at many laboratories as a part of Covid 19 testing. These tests cover those who have visibly severe symptoms and also those who have recovered from this virus or are asymptomatic. If more and more people take these tests only then we all would be able to get the exact count of the people affected by this virus, which is extremely important.

Covid 19 testing Santa Monica is one of the laboratories that is working day and night to provide the most accurate results, probably within a day. They are also aware that the people are more or less afraid of this virus because of all the uncertainty that surrounds it, which is why they are even more cautious and are taking good care of sanitisation of labs as well as the hygiene and health of the staff working there.

Now when all the medical field workers are doing so much and going through so many difficulties just to serve the people and keep them safe then it wouldn’t be wrong to demand patience and support from the public. Let’s just behave as responsible individuals or rather as selfish people this time and prioritize the health of our loved ones and ourselves above anything else. Probably this selfishness would be the sword that would kill this virus completely. So let’s play our role in this war and hope for the best.

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