Creating an Animated Logo: 5 Good Reasons

Creating an animated logo is a growing trend and knowing how to create a logo for YouTube is useful for giving the perception of movement, strengthening the Brand by increasing the authority in the diffusion of corporate videos with social media such as YouTube, Facebook and improving communication, and also animated logos follow fashion.

I start from a very simple concept: technology proceeds at its fast pace, churning out news every day, integrating more and more a visual experience within websites, social channels, apps and video sharing such as YouTube. With this swirling and ever faster increase in novelty, even the visual aspect is often subordinated to what are the possibilities and means available, so I will find graphic embellishments and Video Animation Services everywhere, from the game on the smartphone to the video for Kickstarter or YouTube intro. So what’s the reason you should have an animated logo?

In writing and examining the reasons why I believe that creating an animated logo is becoming more and more a custom rather than a niche choice, I found myself having to evaluate what are the most evident aspects of this solution.


All the points that I have listed in this article are meant to be an in-depth analysis, an evaluation to understand more closely the reasons that could lead you to consider whether creating an animated logo is right for you. Let’s see point by point.


When I found myself faced with the phrase “a picture is worth more than 1000 words” I also thought of “a video is worth more than 1000 pictures” because it additionally provides audio, which captures two perceptions together with movement: visual and auditory. This means that having 2 perceptions activated compared to just the visual of an image greatly increases the chances of moving and involving.

The fact that it is moving inside a monitor where for most situations everything else is still motionless, the eye immediately catches this difference. Maybe I’m wrong, but when they introduced the videos that start automatically on Facebook, I think they thought of just that! In the same way, a logo that is animated has the possibility to stand out more, to take advantage of the effects of light, particles and much more (the limit is the imagination).


The very fact that the logo is animated, that it gives something more than a static group of lines, curves and colors does nothing but add elements to be more remembered, relegated to a corner of the brain that can be associated with certain contexts which can be very useful.

The very fact of being able to see the animated logo several times whether it is corporate or not, allows the recognition of the same to the viewer, allowing it to be remembered in a more clear and traceable way to this or that area. The branding is strengthened by this, just consider who on YouTube has an acronym from who does not have it: try to make a quick comparison, who do you remember most for a long time between who has an animated logo and who does not have it ?


Very similar to point 2, this is determined by the way in which the animation is made , this is because if within the YouTube acronym or the company logo that is animated there are images of some works, your way of being in case of a Youtuber explained through expressions, sounds or images, it is clear what happens!

The animated logo becomes something that not only represents this “pile of colored lines and curves” but also something where the communicative part is explained very simply. And this through easy associations, identifiable and recognizable by anyone. It’s a bit as if I were seeing photos of a person expressing certain emotions: I immediately understand if this person is angry, calm or laughing.


Ok I admit, I don’t really like this reason, but the concept is clear! More and more often we see people, small, medium or large companies that have an acronym with their logo. Whether it’s 5 or 10 seconds but it’s important to have it. Everyone has it and not having it, is a damage to their channel, especially on YouTube. 

This consideration of “everyone has it and so I have to do it too” might seem like a stretch, but considering the evolution of communication tools, it is always useful for all the reasons I have mentioned so far.


I find this point fundamental. If accessing social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ is increasingly important for a company that wants to communicate its image, bring a video where its logo is present, dramatically expands the display of the same to many more people and therefore with the possibility of being remembered.

Consider that Facebook has introduced videos in the News Feed with automatic play a few months ago, and just yesterday or the day before yesterday, Twitter also adopted this means to stay behind the competition. For some time, Google+ has allowed you to view animated GIFs in news and all this propensity towards video is explained by the simple fact that a video can communicate in a short time.

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