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Essential tips to consider before buying a Diamond

Every person wants to make their wedding or engagement day memorable. Jewellery or engagement rings play a significant role in making your memories last forever. Choosing the best ring that resonates with the theme and mood of the event may seem an easy task but it’s not.

The choices are endless, but specific points must be considered when deciding what you want. Gold and platinum are the basic metals for engagement and wedding rings. Choosing a plain metal ring or the embellished one, all depends on one’s considerations. If you are looking for a diamond ring for the first time without any deep knowledge, then the tips stated below are certainly for you. Scroll down and check out the most essential tips to be considered while searching for a diamond ring.

1. Diamond Colour:

To your surprise, diamonds are not just confined to transparent shining stones. These precious stones are also available in multiple different shades. Some of these are rarest of all and may cost a lot while the others are available at an affordable range. So whenever you search for a diamond engagement ring, make sure to check out the various other options available in terms of coloured diamonds. These diamonds are given grades accordingly, so it’s better to research well before finalizing the diamond ring.

2. Diamond Carat:

Carat defines the weight of the diamond. This factor has a significant effect on altering the price of diamonds. Along with colour per carat weight is considered an essential aspect while purchasing a diamond. Carat weight is affected by other considerable factors for sure. The carat weight and quality of the diamond go hand in hand with each other. It’s better to compromise on carat weight than the diamond quality. The prices rise exponentially with increasing cart weight.

3. Diamond Clarity:

Diamond clarity refers to its visual appearance. Diamond has inclusions and blemishes in it. These diamond inclusions are the small imperfections in diamonds that appear during the formation of diamonds. All these inclusions include anything that is trapped inside. Diamonds are graded for clarity too. Higher the grade, the fewer the inclusions. So in that context, you can get a bigger diamond with more inclusions at a lower price than a diamond with a good grading score. The other thing that comes under this factor is the blemishes on the diamond. While inclusions are trapped imperfections inside the diamonds, blemishes are the chips, scratches, bruises, and abrasions on the surface. Blemishes are responsible for the price alteration of diamonds.

4. Diamond Shapes:

Just like any other gemstone ring, diamond engagement rings come in multiple shapes. Just like other factors, shapes can give you room for adjusting your budget. You must have this notion in your mind that big stones are more expensive, you might be misinformed. Some elongated shapes like oval, pear, and rectangle are a better option than the famous square and round-shaped diamonds. These elongated-shaped diamonds make your ring appear bigger and unique. However, round-shaped rings are the most favoured shape followed by square shapes. You can also check out the heart shape to express your romantic side.

5. Diamond-Cut:

The cut quality of a diamond increases its value exponentially. While looking for a diamond ring, check out the diamond cut grading. A well-cut diamond makes its inclusions and faults less noticeable. It contributes to the shine and brightness of the diamond rings. European-cut, brilliant-cut, round-cut, cushion-cut, emerald-cut, marquise-cut, radiant-cut, and princess-cut are some of the frequently bought diamond rings.

6. Research well before investing:

Just because your friend bought a nice diamond ring at an unexpectedly low price doesn’t mean you should fall for the deal too. Do your part well and research well before buying a diamond ring. Purchasing diamond jewellery is not like random jewellery shopping, Diamond jewellery is an investment for life. You must check out the listed points for a better deal. Always try to buy diamonds offline by visiting a store in person. It helps you choose better in terms of appearance and final look.

7. Certification:

Not to mention, never make the mistake of purchasing any jewellery without certification. This much-needed step keeps your options open for any fraud, replacement or refunds. Your jewellery must be approved by the gemology department for its authenticity. It makes reselling easier too.

8. Check out the alternatives:

Nothing can replace a diamond, but sometimes other gemstones suit your personality better. There are plenty of other luxurious gemstones which can elevate your aura instantly. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are the other options that can be considered for engagement and wedding rings. Make sure to explore well before investing in diamond jewellery.

9. Stick to your budget:

Yes, of course, there will be a little inflation in the budget while choosing a diamond ring, but you don’t need to go out of the way to buy it. Stick to your budget and try to choose the designs that fit in. you will always get allured by the luxury designs, but make sure to not hamper your budget. Instead, you can buy another piece of jewellery for the same amount.

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