Expert Reviews about the Connie Toto Site

The Connie Toto site is the official website of the famous Japanese animation character. This Japanese cartoonist has created a lot of fans all over the world. This website was built as a way for fans to interact with him. To date, there are more than two hundred and fifty episodes of this animated series posted in this site.


The site is a joint effort between the well known illustrator Takuo Aoki and the well know director Hideaki Konishi. They have spent several years working on this project. The site features work that has been done for television adaption as well as live action movies. There is even a few short movies featured on the site that you can watch in full length. The site also offers information about the various movies as well as some deleted scenes.

This Japanese cartoon superstar started his career when he was still a student. After he graduated, he decided to become an illustrator. From there, he went on to do work for commercials and illustration works. It was in the mid nineteen hundreds that Toto began to make his mark in the animation world when he illustrated the first Japanese cartoon movie ever made.

Many fans visit the site everyday to see what new animations are added. New episodes of the series are added to the site on a regular basis as well. The site is managed by the anime company Gonzo. Since this website is dedicated to the cartoon itself, many of the images on it feature aspects of the story or character of the particular animated character.


There are many more activities for users on the site. They can create their own profile page to show off their talents and favorite anime characters. They can also connect with other people who like the same things as well. In order to expand the site even further, they are hoping to make an application for social networking so that fans can join in on the fun.

Even though the site only started out as a website for Lupin the Third, the fan base has really expanded since then. There are now discussions in the forum section as well as a large community on the Facebook wall. 꽁머니 토토사이트 has even opened up a Twitter account. The official website is still active, but all of the activities on the site have been geared toward providing fans with great information regarding their favorite animated character.

The site itself is a marvel of beauty. The pages are filled with wonderful animation that is easy to follow and enjoy. There are videos that are directed by Tomoko Ninomiya. There are pictures of the characters from the latest releases as well. Everything is very well designed and the site is very easy to navigate through. If you want to learn more about the world of Lupin III: It’s About Time as well as the world of anime in general, there is a wealth of information at this site for you to peruse.


This website also features a podcast that provides fans with their favorite music in addition to discussing the latest news regarding the world of entertainment and animation. There are interviews from well-known voices as well as musicians that give interesting insight into the world of animation. There is even a shopping section where fans can click on items they are interested in and buy them. This is not the type of thing you would expect to find on a typical online store, but it is a great place for those who wish to do so. Plus, some of the items available on the site are limited and will only be available for a limited period of time.

Overall, the site is a wonderful resource for anyone that enjoys anime or cartoons. It is very user friendly and provides many features for those that wish to explore. Plus, it is fun to visit and gives you many things to look at aside from the superb drawings and animation. If you ever wish to expand your horizons and learn more about the world of entertainment, it would certainly benefit you to check out the website Connie Toto. Learn more about Lupin III: It’s About Time as well as other famous anime characters from Japan as well.


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