Factors that determine the cost of brain tumor surgery in India

Factors that determine the cost of brain tumor surgery in India

When there is an uncontrollable, multiplied, and abnormal tissue mass in the brain, it is called a Brain tumor. The brain’s healthy cells may or may not be disturbed depending on the type of brain tumor. The brain tumor operation cost in India depends on various factors.

Types of brain tumor

Brain tumors are divided into two main categories, and 150 types of brain tumors fall under these main categories. The main categories are as follows.

1. Primary Brain tumor

The tumors that originate from the brain’s surrounding cells and tissues are known as primary brain tumors. These tumors can be classified further more into the following.

Giloma: This is a tumor that originates from the glial cells and affects the spinal cord and brain. It can also affect brain function based on the tumor’s location and growth and can be life-threatening.

Non-Glial Cells: Tumors that develop on or in the brain structure are known as non-glial cells. These tumors can affect the blood vessels, glands, nerves, and other parts of the brain.

Benign: A benign tumor does not spread to any part of the brain and remains in the place where it is formed. This is a non-cancerous tumor that generally does not need treatment but can be life-threatening if it strikes the blood vessels or nerves.

Malignant: Malignant tumors are not confined to a particular place and can quickly spread. These sorts of tumors are cancerous.

2. Metastatic Brain tumor

Metastatic Brain tumors travel to the brain from other parts of the body (origin) like the breast or lungs. These sorts of tumors generally travel to the bloodstream and are said to be cancerous as well. 

Although it is considered a risk factor, a specialist can treat the Metastatic brain tumor thanks to medicine’s advancement. Doctors are now equipped with the right kind of equipment, techniques, and skills to handle even the most complicated cases.

Cost of brain tumor surgery in India

Usually, the cost of brain tumor surgery is around INR 5,00,000/-. However, the brain tumor operation cost in India may vary depending on factors like

  • The hospital that the patient chooses for the procedure
  • The post-operative care and accommodation (private rooms, sharing, ICU, etc.)
  • The Neurosurgeon’s fees
  • Therapies, medicines, drugs, and other such necessities for recovery
  • The patient’s condition
  • Pre- and Post-operative diagnosis and tests
  • The type of tumor, the surgery or procedure needed, and any other further complications

Brain tumors are of two main types, and they can be cancerous or non-cancerous. Sometimes these tumors may originate from the brain itself, while they may also travel from the brain through the bloodstream. Catching the tumor growth on time helps to ensure that you get the right treatment. 

The doctor will determine the exact course of treatment after making all the necessary evaluations, recommending the right kind of tests, and understanding the patient’s medical history. 

Various factors are considered while determining the overall cost incurred for the removal of the brain tumor.

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