Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas to Organize Your Laundry with Charm

Farmhouse homes are beautiful and smart, including featuring light colors and different woodwork finishes. The old-fashioned combination with the latest modern amenities provides a stunning contrast, which makes the laundry room more grateful.

Creating an acceptable amount of space and adding a lot of character with

  • handmade sign
  • beveled subway tile
  • a lot of these fun lights
  • and all the storage.

I’d say the essential thing in a laundry room is just having plenty of storage.

Glass jars: I love glass jars because they’re up. Kids can’t reach them.

Baskets: Another thing I wanted to incorporate is different baskets for storage.

I’ve found that when things are out in the open and you have cute containers to contain the mess, it makes it clutter-free.

The more storage options you have, the better.

Kwik bench

This is obvious you have to keep everything. So You can use a kwik bench in your laundry room. You can actually see underneath how they are holding up the wood.

You can keep a basket on the folding table.

Because that way you can put in dirty clothes or rags or whatever and it can hold them in this basket for when it gets full, and then you just wash that.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas to Organize Your Laundry with Charm

  • Hexagon in your farmhouse laundry room
  • Plat cozy laundry closet
  • Mason jar to store laundry detergent
  • Homey old fashioned touched
  • Old canisters with washboard
  • Stenciled board
  • Cheeky sign
  • Galvanized bucket
  • Subway tiles laundry wall
  • Chalkboard wall

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