Features And Packaging Benefits Of Custom Rigid Boxes.

What Are Custom Rigid Packages?

Rigid Packages are designed to store, showcase, or professionally demonstrate some best-branded products. So have you decided to release a magnificent product? Moreover, have you rendered a fantastic consumer commodity? Although, you would not find a finer marketing tool than rigid packaging boxes. These Portable packaging boxes are sometimes also called “Set Up Packages”. Are you require a box that isn’t readily broken or harmed? Then these Kraft packages are perfectly made for you at Fast Custom Boxes. I don’t know who invented a rigid case. Even I checked the wiki article. But one fact we could claim today is that these boxes are the most glamorous packing style ever created by mankind.


Are Rigid Packages Expensive? Well, Not At All!

I’ve heard from a lot of respondents, saying that these Wholesale Packages are expensive. But it’s not a fact! In this article, I have written a few of the stunning factors and inexpensive types of rigid packages to clear your misconception. And you’d realize that all such printed boxes are cost-effective.

Ok, let me provide you a short description of manufacturing these packages. Then I’ll focus on some of their comprehensive uses in this below content.


How These Rigid Packages Are Manufactured?

As these are crafted packages, specifically designed for packaging luxury goods. For their manufacturing greyboard is selected for a strong, durable feel.

  • The sheet is sliced and shaped in multiple peace to create the box’s configuration. 
  • Package walls are similarly sliced and compressed at a certain pressure, to give them strength and smoothness. 
  • Then the container’s top and bottom are cut separately. 
  • Then a polished or un-polished sheet of coating is pasted on all these parts.
  • After that, all these parts are assembled with the best quality transparent adhesives.
  • These high-quality packages are made in bulk amount since they are not very expensive.


Famous Designs Rule Packaging Sector.

Some famous packaging designs are presently controlling the marketplace. Slipcase packages, shoulder packages, foldable boxes are appreciated by so many people. If we talk about Rigid boxes, two types of packages currently rule the packing sector; 

  1. Magnet Closing Rigid Packages
  2. Round Packages.

There are several packages for particular company use, i.e. watch packages, cake packages, ring boxes, delivery containers, perfume packages, etc. These rigid boxes could be rendered in any theme. But these are first classified by consumer and market use. 


Show Your Creativity.

In self-customization service the first question designers asked is about your Rigid Box design and usage. So, one good thing about these boxes is they are customized according to your instructions and pleasure. 

  • This would make your product distinct from the others.
  • The assistance of our expert designers enables you to get the best designs and decorations to attract people. 
  • In this way, it would be pleased by looking at your self-designed rigid packages in different stores. 


Sturdy in Appearance & Quality  

These Custom Boxes are made of compressed sheets that are manufactured with the best quality Raw Materials. Similarly, in aspects of designs and looks, its performance is comparable to a cardboard package, but its walls are stiffer because of 1-3 millimeters thinner chipboard.

  • These boxes are laminated with special coatings to give them a standard look. 
  • These rigid boxes are best in printing all kinds of data and images on them. 
  • But mostly these are simple in look but much more attractive than other packages.


Smooth And Fine Surface  

For rigid packages, the compressed and smooth layer is placed onto this chipboard. Thus, besides its longevity, the box would also look beautiful. This adhesive layer is applied uniformly, through special equipment. Therefore, after coating the package surfaces touch would feel evenly balanced smooth.


Invisible Magnet Lock Improves Opening Experience

Magnetic closing, which works quickly and reliably, will give your printed rigid package awesome uniqueness. At our manufacturing firm, the magnet locks are embedded into the chipboard surface with a magnet installing system to ensure the magnet stays unseen in the finished box. You can’t get this feature perfectly fit in other types of packages.


Simple And Professional Look

Due to these Kraft Packages’ mildly robust look, no complex designs and graphics are required. Sometimes, a standard look could be attained with some glossy illustrations and embossed logos. Different brands stay as simple as they can with just some necessary details and the name of their business printed on boxes. 


Fine Cutting Edges:

Along with laminated surfaces, perfect sharp edges are also significant. Companies sometimes ignore this specification. At our packaging business, the sides of rigid boxes are cut to give them a smooth finishing with high tech cutters to ensure delicate borders of your box. This will gives your company’s boxes a more pleasant look.


Remarkable In Protecting Products 

The physical durability of rigid packages not just improves the user’s interaction, it preserves all types of retail product throughout shipment or delivery. 

  • The A Grade manufacturing material utilized in rigid packaging is made to modify boxes’ beauty and other features.
  • They are made to resist all kinds of forces and smashes to keep your luxury products quite safe inside. 
  • Rigid packaging containers could be made using specific inserts, to cover whatever is within them while preserving their stylish look.



The first thing people do is looking at your product’s packaging on the racks of the market. After that, they check your packaging quality. Professionally customized rigid boxes cast a mind saving impact on your clients. These Custom Boxes with their matchless looks could be customized in all shapes styles and sizes at Fast Custom Boxes In this way, their smooth surface made with a highly durable clipboard is a fine solution to safely showcase your products and to expand your business with more sales.

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