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Four Important Factors to Consider When Investing in Motorcycle Audio Upgrades

Motorcycles are included when we say we work on anything with a battery and the ability to move. We’ve never encountered a factory Harley-Davidson system that we liked, and it appears that neither have most bike owners! What should a rider do if the songs aren’t as nice as the pipes?


When most individuals strive to improve their stereos, they assume they should start with the radio. We like to start with the most powerful component: the amplifier. The majority of contemporary radios or “decks” sound fine, but they are all powerless. When you’re up against the wind, road noise, and traffic, your music just can’t keep up. Fortunately, we can simply install a power amplifier into a motorcycle’s audio system without impacting the warranty or the way the system works or appears. That doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven, does it?

Depending on the purpose and the power you demand, the amplifier options we provide fit inside the front fairing, typically without modification, or in a saddle bag. Some include specifically built EQ circuits to boost the bass and sound quality of the tiny motorbike speakers. These are also incredibly efficient, so your bike’s electrical system will not be overworked. The greatest part is that your bike’s handlebar controls, radio display, and pretty much everything else looks the same.

Come in and let us assist you choose the proper power solution for your ride from Arc Audio, JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, and more.


After we’ve dealt with the power issue, we’ll move on to the speakers themselves. Any update to a bike’s sound system must include these. The stock speakers that come standard on all bikes, new and old, are pretty much the bare minimum that was necessary to pass the “floor” test when you bought your bike. In a showroom, that’s a rather simple process to accomplish. How many of us truly put the stereo to the test when we go for a trial ride on the bike we fell in love with? Unfortunately, when you’re out on a ride, those standard drivers just don’t cut it.

When you know what to listen for and what to search for, finding the appropriate upgraded speaker to meet your needs is actually rather simple. First and foremost, be sure that the speaker you’re considering can manage the additional power provided by the amplifier you’ve chosen. Then, examine if the speaker can withstand the types of riding circumstances it may encounter. If you’re an all-season rider, this is more crucial than if you’re a fair-weather rider who just rides when the weather permits and the circumstances are favourable.

The size of stock speakers is usually between 4′′ and 5.25′′. Wherever feasible, we specialise in increasing the size of your bike’s speakers to 6.5′′ or 7′′. What’s the point of upgrading? The two most important reasons are that a bigger driver improves efficiency (how loud the speaker can play with the power available) and frequency response (mid-bass and bass response). When we make these changes, we keep the bike’s and mounts’ integrity in mind. We don’t hack and cut here; instead, we utilise custom-designed and produced brackets that provide the highest performance while protecting the integrity of your bike.

Radio, iPod, MP3, XM, Sirius, HD radio, GPS, and Bluetooth are just a few of the features available.

Remember when we stated that current motorcycle radios are “quite good”? That isn’t “excellent,” so if you want the best performance out of your system, we recommend replacing the radio. The signal begins at the source unit or deck on your bike. When you want your bike to perform at its best, changing the radio allows you to provide the most clear audio signal possible to your amplifiers and speakers.

For motorcycle users, the most important worry is that the unit will operate with their bike’s handlebar controls for volume, track, mode, and seek. When we change a radio, we check to see whether the controls are still functional (and if they aren’t, we can add them!).

When changing electronics in an open-air vehicle, weather and the elements are always a worry, and this is particularly true on a bike. We sell waterproof coverings that keep the elements out of your radio while also hiding your improvements from prying eyes.

We also specialise in combining cutting-edge technology, such as iPods, cellphones, MP3 players, satellite radio, and GPS navigation, with your bike, your new stereo, or the stock radio. If you need a mount for any of these alternatives, we have high-quality mounts that are built exclusively for motorcycles, and are typically custom-made for your bike, as well as to lessen the impact of road vibrations on your gadget’s electronics.

More, give me more!

This is fantastic news — we aren’t always satisfied with a simple improvement, either! When you’re seeking for something a little different, we can help.

We have specifically built bag speaker upgrades that allow you to add an extra pair of speakers to your bike in a unique method that keeps them hidden and takes up very little space in your bags. This update significantly increases the overall loudness of your stereo and provides a significant improvement in bass output and clarity. For Harley Davidson baggers, we offer systems specifically built for the ElectraGlide (FLHTC), StreetGlide (FLHX), RoadGlide (FLTRU), and Ultra Classic (FLHTCU) models. We can also provide a bespoke solution for nearly any bike.

Are you looking for something more up front? Our machined mounting-plate options, available in black and chrome, may be used to add speakers to your bottom pockets. It’s even possible to have them color-matched to your bike.

Do you want to add a dedicated subwoofer for more bass? We install concealed subwoofers in bags and packs that give your system a powerful kick that will turn heads and make your ears “smile”!

We have everything you need, and the specialists to do it well, from a simple speaker update to a full-blown refit and replacement, or a whole bespoke audio system for your motorbike. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

4 Crucial Aspects of Motorcycle Audio Upgrades

A growing number of businesses are providing audio system upgrades for motorcycles. With the best Hertz speakers for motorcycles and a high-power amplifier, bikes like the Harley-Davidson Road Glide and Street Glide can sound so much better. In this post, we’ll go over four factors to bear in mind when looking for new touring bike tunes.

1. Performance and Reliability Rely on Proper Installation

The way you install, connect, and arrange your new speakers, amplifier, and maybe a new radio has a big impact on the performance and dependability of your motorcycle audio system. New speakers are frequently far more powerful than the factory-installed models they replace. Corrosion-resistant fasteners must be used to secure the speakers. Of course, for optimal performance, the speakers must fit correctly and seal securely against the faring face.

When the volume is turned up, amplifiers can demand a lot of electricity from the battery and charging system. To get the most effective distribution, high-quality, adequately sized wire with robust electrical connections is required.

2. Purchase from a brick-and-mortar store

If you’re having repair done on your motorbike, be sure it’s done by someone who will stand behind the items and services they offer you. At exhibitions and rallies, many bikers purchase audio enhancements. If you run into difficulties or require modifications weeks or months after your purchase, you’ll have to find someone else to assist you and pay them for their time. Dealing with a local motorcycle audio business might save you a lot of time and aggravation. If you have to commit additional money down the line, a show deal isn’t a deal.

3. Select High-End Products

Let’s face it: your motorcycle is probably rather valuable. Speakers and amplifiers from low-cost brands are unlikely to perform as well or endure as long as those from respected brands. The environment for audio equipment on a motorbike is difficult. Vibration is a big problem, and using audio components that aren’t well-designed can lead to failure in a matter of months.

Amplifiers must be constructed to be effective and dependable, and the delicate components within must be safeguarded so that nothing breaks. If you get caught in the rain, you’ll need weather-resistant speakers. You should also look for a product that can withstand prolonged UV exposure without drying out, chalking, cracking, or fading. Woofer cones that fade or change colour after being exposed to the light for an extended period of time may become more brittle, break, and fail. Regular automobile audio speakers are just not up to the task.

If you’re replacing your motorcycle’s radio, be sure it’s weatherproof. You’ll need a screen that’s bright and easy to view in bright sunshine. If your bike has sound controls on the handlebars, you’ll want something that can work with them.

4. Audio system upgrades must be fine-tuned to provide accurate sound.

This issue may have been covered to death, but it’s worth repeating at least one more. A deluge of signal processing is integrated into the factory-installed radios on 2014 and newer Harley-Davidson touring bikes. If you don’t address this tune while upgrading the bike with a new amp and speakers, the system will most likely sound bad, and the new components may be damaged. Before diving into an update, a professional mobile improvement store should have the equipment to evaluate the output of the radio on a Honda, Yamaha, or BMW motorcycle.

The best option is to buy a digital signal processor (DSP) from the firm that instals your system. They may utilise their audio test equipment to fine-tune the radio’s EQ curve and make it sound the way you want it to. Another alternative is to flash the radio to lessen the equalisation settings, however this process may be undone if you take your bike in for servicing. When you make changes to the programme, you may also have worries regarding your warranty.

Upgrade Your Motorcycle’s Audio System Today!

If your motorcycle’s radio isn’t loud enough to give you goosebumps, visit your local specialist mobile improvement merchant today to learn about the modifications that are available. Before you make a purchase, don’t be scared to examine the applicability and credibility of their recommendations. Finally, a little forethought will ensure that your investment sounds fantastic and lasts for years.

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