Gadgets for Video Surveillance for Your Home

Any time you think of home security, the first thought probably always revolves around any one of the following: security cameras, wired fences or alarm systems. Securing your home can be done in several ways. You can get a security alarm system on contract, there are flood lights to light up your yards during the night, door locks – and we mean smart door locks, as well as security cameras.

While every security measure has its own benefits and means of providing safety for your home, people almost always tend to rely on anything that has video footage – surveillance cameras. But surveillance cameras are a thing of the past. Here are two gadgets that provide a video feed for you to watch when keeping an eye on your premises. 


  1. Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are far from the ordinary doorbell, and a much better and smarter version of video intercoms. Featuring a sleek, small design, video doorbells are smart gadgets built with smart technology to provide you access to your door at all times, and from practically anywhere.

These may be small devices but they feature a wide-angle camera that delivers a head-to-toe picture of someone standing at the door. The video is in crystal clear HD, with audio that goes both ways, and night vision. But that is not even the best part about video doorbells – it is the fact that they are accessible via mobile apps that can be downloaded onto your smartphones, tablets, and used with compatible smart TV’s and Voice Assistants. 

So how do they work? Video doorbells are answerable from their respective mobile apps, which means you could be standing in the kitchen, in the aisle of a grocery store, lying on the living room couch, or at the beach while on vacation – all you have to do is answer the door and watch who is outside straight from your phone, tablet, TV whatever is synced to the device and wherever you are. It’s that easy!

Video doorbells also feature built-in motion sensors that send you real-time alerts any time some movement is detected within a set parameter. So not only do you get alerts to your wireless devices when the bell has been rung but when someone or something is hovering out on the porch along with a snapshot of the video for you to see what is going on. 

Get the Google Nest Hello for $229 at First Energy Home’s website. 

  1. Smart Cameras

Surveillance cameras really have been the best invention to grace this world. They have made security better by a huge leap than it would have previously ever been – providing video evidence and allowing us to keep an eye on private property. Fast forward to this present day, surveillance cameras have evolved into what they are now known as Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are ideal for home surveillance, whether it is indoors or outdoors. You won’t have to worry about some camera mounted at the corner of your living room making it very obvious; smart cameras feature smaller, compact designs and are available in battery-operated as well as wired versions. They can be placed anywhere – in a discreet corner of the shelf or in plain sight. For outdoor purposes, these cameras can withstand any weather condition without any interruption to its video feed. 

Now here’s the thing about the video feed of smart cameras. Boasting an HD, live video straight to your mobile devices, smart cameras feature two-way audio as well. So not only can you access the camera video feed from your smartphone while shopping at the mall or while on vacation, but you can communicate with whoever is back at home, at the other end of the camera. It is like the definition of secure and convenient.

These cameras also feature motion sensors that detect movement and send in real-time alerts to your mobile devices along with a snapshot (depending on the smart camera brand) for you to view what you missed out on while you were away. Keep an eye on your kids and pets or elders while you yourself aren’t present there physically with them. 

Get the Google Nest Cam (battery operated) for $179.99 at First Energy Home’s website.


Though there are many smart devices out there that come in pretty handy for home security, like smart door locks, smart lights, voice assistants and smart smoke detectors, the two mentioned above provide video evidence along with several more features. Imagine watching over your kids coming home from school and conversing with them as they step into the kitchen without having to dial-up. Let them know you’re there even if virtually, and that they are protected. 


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