Larimar jewelry

Give your Jewelry the Boost of Larimar Gemstone

Larimar jewelry is cherished for its uniqueness and is available in different areas of the world. However, the Dominican Republic offers this gem in good quality, thus has its abundance. This gem comes in fascinating shades of green, grey, blue, and white. And this hue of inclusion arrives from the copper’s existence.

Facts On its Discovery

Miguel Mendez discovered this beautiful gemstone around the Brahaona coast. This rare gem was found scattered all across the ocean and was found by this American volunteer. Maybe that’s what enthuses the interest of gem lovers towards the name of Miguel Mendez’s daughter, Larissa. Well, mar suggests the sea and is a Spanish word, which signifies the gentle vibrations when worn in a larimar pendant.

Bunch of Spiritual Aspects

The existence of larimar offers an absolute souvenir of the sea, which  signifies water. This is the crucial reason for jewelry creators to upgrade their ultimate interest in its creation. Furthermore, the mix of water and air indicates sea and sky, suggesting spiritual and mental well-being. Therefore, carrying a larimar ring eases the issues of fertility and clears the heart with unwanted baggage. And the significance of air cures the problems of communication and provides the vision to the mind in order to begin new adventures.

Up your Knowledge on Larimar Mining

If you cherish the larimar jewelry, then you should look at the difficulties and mining technicalities. The local miners heartily infuse their heart and soul in the excavation of larimar along with the overall expertise. Basically, the existence of larimar lies deep within the rocky surfaces and uneven paths.

And it takes the expense of life to get into this even deeper, especially in the risky areas, and becomes even more difficult during the rainy season. Moreover, the wet areas and mudslides advance the risks of falling, which further leads to its restrictions in certain timings. As a result, such obstacles escalate its rarity in the gem world.

Important Purchasing Points

It beautifully comes in shades of blue to deep green. And the cooling procedure provides it the exquisite patterns. This method allows it the uniqueness, depicting varied looks in every piece. The soothing tones are the result of scattering and absorption. No wonder it showcases vivid colors, even though the desirable ones are blue and whites.

Hardness – The toughness of larimar is one of the important points to analyze its appearance, as it comes 4 to 7 on the scale. The tough varieties of this stone come in blue and green specimens to extend more.

Cut – The imperative aspect of the cut is that it is mainly related to the colors. Actually, the smaller versions will showcase the lighter shade in comparison to the bigger ones.

Material– When it comes to the purchasing of larimar jewelry, then how this delicate beauty deserves the protective settings of rose gold or sterling silver material. This gem’s toughness is one of the crucial steps to ensure outlook with overall safety.

Where to buy Larimar?

Rananjay exports is a wholesale gemstone manufacturer that offers high-quality larimar jewelry. They offer authenticity in every piece to suffice the jewelry quest in an affordable way.

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