GMAT Verbal

GMAT Verbal: Sentence Correction

The Sentence Correction question of the GMAT exam comes under the Verbal section. It contributes to over 40 % of the questions in the Verbal section. Therefore, it is crucial for every candidate attempting the GMAT to be well versed in this section since it is the most common type of question asked. Besides, if you are thoroughly prepared for it, it helps boost your overall GMAT score.

In the GMAT Sentence Correction question, you are expected to find errors in the sentence and select the correct answer choice. The objective of this section is to evaluate your English language proficiency. It tests whether you are able to use effective and correct expressions as well as appropriate diction.

Some of the common tips to use for the Sentence Correction questions are listed below:

  • Look out for any parallelism errors.
  • Check for the correct order of words.
  • Eliminate answer choices that seem incorrect or inappropriate in the context of the sentence given.
  • Familiarize yourself with the common GMAT idioms used.

It is possible that the answer choices that you are given might have the slightest of differences. Hence you must pay utmost attention before proceeding to select the correct answer. It is essential that you practice with sufficient sentence correction examples that are available on the official GMAC website.

The verbal section of the GMAT contributes to your overall GMAT score, hence, it’s imperative you practice all the questions in this section thoroughly. Having said that, let’s talk a little bit more about the GMAT score in the next section.

GMAT score

The GMAT scores are crucial to help you gain admissions into universities you desire. A good GMAT score is certain to help you secure a seat at the top B-schools of your choice. The GMAT score ranges between 200-800. A 690 plus score is considered good and anything above 700 is an exemplary score. Also, minimum score or good score might vary from b-school to b-school. So make sure you are aware of the requirements of the school you want to make it into.

Section-wise GMAT Score:

Sections Score Range
Analytical Writing 0 to 6
Verbal Reasoning 6 to 51
Integrated Reasoning 1 to 8
Quantitative Reasoning 6 to 51

When Do You Receive Your GMAT Scores?

Once you complete your exam you receive an unofficial score in the test center. You can choose to accept or reject it. If accepted, they are sent to the five b-schools you choose before the exam. On the other hand, the official scores are sent to your mail address after 20 days from the date you complete your GMAT exam.

If you would like to send your scores to universities apart from the ones that you have already selected, then you have the option of requesting additional score reports. You are charged a fee of US $35 for it.

You can also request an enhanced score report to understand how well you have fared in each section and get an in-depth analysis of your performance in the GMAT exam. Here you get a more detailed and informative report that includes the percentage of questions answered correctly, time management for each question, your performance in each section of the exam. You also get a list that gives you a clear picture of the areas you have performed well and areas where you need to improve, etc.

The GMAT scores are valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your exam. You are allowed to attempt the exam upto 5 times in a year with a 16-day gap between each attempt.

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