graphene vs ceramic


Everyone wishes their vehicle to look brand new even after using it for many years. A car is like a family member for those who have a huge love for cars. People are very much fond of cars but it’s very important to maintain the car for its smooth running and long life. Graphene and ceramic coatings are used for the protection of your vehicle. parking your vehicle outside can gather dirt, grime, and scratches also. So to protect your vehicle from weather, chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants coating is done, it gives your vehicle a protective layer that protects the original paint and gives your vehicle a glossy look. There is a variety of coating materials available in the market.

Both the coatings enhance the look of your car by giving it a glossy look. these protective coatings prevent your vehicle from getting scratches, dirt and also protect your vehicle from harmful UV rays I.e. protects the paint.

What is the coating?

The coating is basically to add an extra layer on the top of any surface. here in the case of cars, the coating is done to protect your car from rust, scratches, etc.

What is graphene coating?

Graphene is a carbon-based material that shields your vehicle from dust. Graphene also acts as a corrosion barrier between oxygen and water diffusion. So basically it makes your vehicle corrosion resistant.

What is the ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are a long-term exterior automotive paint protectant that is applied to your vehicle to protect the paint. it forms a glass-like layer on the top of the paint and makes your car look brand new. it helps your vehicle by preventing the paint from oxidation.

So in this article, we will be discussing graphene  vs. ceramic coating and which one will work well for your vehicle:

  1. Durability:

the ceramic coating is extremely durable and claims up to 5-7 years but graphene coating claims up to 10 years of protection. So graphene is much more durable when compared to ceramic coating. Everyone wishes to drive a clean car, graphene coating will help you as your car will not require regular maintenance.

  1. Cost:

In the terms of cost, graphene is quite expensive when compared to ceramic coating. Graphene contains superior properties to ceramic coating. So graphene coating is much more popular and most selling coating when compared to others.

  1. Shine:

Graphene coating gives much shine and gloss when compared to ceramic coating. both ceramic and graphene coating protects the vehicle from dust, grime, scratches, and rust but graphene contains some superior properties so people usually choose graphene.

  1. Water spotting:

There is a big difference between graphene and ceramic in terms of water spots. Graphene seems to have an advantage over ceramic in case of water spotting because it deals with a chemical compound that uses carbon as its base .so graphene coatings are much less prone to water spots. There are more water sports on the ceramic coating as compared to graphene.

  1. Application:

When talking about application graphene has an easier application process when compared to ceramic

  1. Flexibility:

Graphene is considered to be the strongest material as it protects your vehicle from environmental factors. Graphene coatings have a honeycomb structure and are considered to be the strongest yet the lightest one.

  1. Slickness:

Graphene coating makes the car slicker, also all the dirt and grime can be easily washed off. So slickness is very important to keep the car clean. Both graphene and ceramic here can work, depending upon the quality of the product you’re using.

  1. Availability:

Ceramic coatings are more readily available in the market. Ceramic coatings are available in many different brands in the market as compared to graphene. Graphene is newer to the market and ceramic is the traditional method used for coating. So ceramic is more easily available in the market when compared to graphene.

  1. Hydrophobic properties:

Graphene has more hydrophobic properties because of its chemical composition i.e. carbon as its base. due to graphene coatings water can be slid off easily so there will be fewer water spots. Ceramic coating also works to remove water spots but doesn’t give as good results as graphene.

So we can see that both ceramic and graphene has almost similar properties only the chemical compound is different. Graphene being new to the automobile industry is in huge demand because of its physical and chemical properties. Graphene is more worthy than any other coating available in the market. When comparing both the coatings have different benefits but graphene is considered to be more durable and not much regular maintenance of the vehicle is required when graphene coating is used. So graphene can be easily picked next time when going for car maintenance.

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