Guide To Run A Successful Hashtag Campaign for Brands

Hashtags are the popular and effective tools for marketers to grow their online reach and establish a strong presence on their brand’s social media. 

Many brands, businesses, influencers, organizations, or others are using and promoting their hashtag between social media users to increase their reach with targeted audiences. 

However, most running a Hashtag campaign on social media requires lots of effort, planning, and strategies to successfully manage hashtag campaigns. 

Instagram and Twitter are the major platforms to run hashtag campaigns. In this blog, we will guide you through successfully running and managing Hashtag Campaign, which will work the same for both channels. 

Let’s get started!

How To Create a Branded Hashtag Campaign?

It is not easy to decide on a new hashtag that represents your brand. You require proper planning, research, and understanding of your audience before introducing a hashtag for your brand. 

To do this, you need to take the help of hashtag tools or thoroughly explore the social media platform to check which hashtag will work for your brand and become instantly popular among your audience. 

You have to keep in your mind that your hashtag should be simple, attractive, easy to understand, easy to use, and entice your audience to create content to utilize your hashtag in their posts. 

You must introduce so many hashtags at a time or multiple hashtags in your social media post to promote your brand or product. 

So you should brainstorm on creating a single or two hashtag for your social media promotions but keep in mind that it should be attractive, engaging, and powerful enough to spread among the audience.  

Define Goal Of Your Hashtag Campaign

As you are ready with your branded hashtag, now it’s time to decide your purpose and your goals by running a hashtag campaign

You have to plan out the type of content you will post on your social media or want your audience to post using your branded hashtag. 

Below are some content ideas that you would like to use for your hashtag campaign. 

#1 Create Content That Engages Your Audience

You have to make content that is relevant, interesting, and engaging to your audience’s needs. Study what your audience likes to hear from you and what type of content they are looking for, like Food, beauty, health, fitness, informative, data & stats, news, facts, memes, celebrities, motivational, art, creatives, etc. Find the genre that your people like to get engaged on social media. 

#2 Giveaways & Shoutout

Another way to promote or utilize your hashtag campaign effectively is through giveaways and shoutout endorsements by other industry people. 

Giveaways are powerful and entice your audience to check what you are offering via giveaways. In this way, you can include your branded hashtag in the posts and let your audience acquaintance with your branded hashtags. 

Another way is shoutout by other big social media influencers. Ask them to promote your hashtag and encourage their followers to use your hashtag while posting a relatable post to your brand. 

#3 Incorporate User-Generated Content

Another way to run a successful hashtag campaign is to integrate user-generated content into your branded content with the help of your hashtag. 

You can collect UGC and repost it on your social media channels using a hashtag or even ask your customers, fans, and followers to use your hashtag when creating content featuring your brand, product, or social media profile.

Effectively Execute Your Hashtag Campaign

Now you have planned for your branded hashtag and strategize for your social media content using the hashtag, one thing that you are missing here is how to effectively execute your Hashtag Campaign. 

Here are some tips:

#1 Utilize Outreach Medium

Use emails, flyers, posters, and other social media profiles to post your hashtag. In this way, people will get to know your hashtag every time they interact with your brand. 

#2 Hire Influencers & Celebrities

Another great way to promote and encourage people to know about your hashtag campaign is through popular influencers and celebrities. Depending on your budget and marketing needs, hire influencers and tell their followers to use your hashtag to create content on social media. 

#3 Pitch Your Audience Tag Your Brand Using Hashtag

You might have taken the help of influencers and promoted your hashtag through outreach mediums. But your people will get more interested when you directly communicate with them and ask them to use your hashtag to tag your brand. 

Embed Hashtag Campaign On Your Website

Yes, you read it right. If you want to successfully utilize your hashtag campaign in your marketing, then there is nothing much better than utilizing your hashtag campaign content on your website. 

With the help of tools, you can collect all your hashtag posts in one place and showcase them on your website by creating a beautiful Hashtag posts widget. 

Wrapping It Up!

I hope this Hashtag Campaign Guide will help you design your branded hashtag and grow your business reach on social media platforms. 

Carefully decide your branded hashtag, use appropriate channels to promote your hashtag, and integrate hashtag posts into your marketing touchpoints like websites, advertisements, emails, newsletters, etc.

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