Ho to Choose Wall Hung Basins?

If you are planning to design a compact space bathroom or an en-suite or cloakroom where space is a major concern, a wall-hung basin can be a space savvy option with modern aesthetics and similar performance to other basin types. 

The compact design and practical benefits of these washbasins make them an excellent choice for a modern setting. You can also choose a wall hung basin with towel rail for added functionality or a wall hung basin vanity unit for some extra storage space for bathroom accessories. With an assortment of styles and materials available, you can select the style and finish that can better coordinate with bathroom furniture and fixtures. 

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Choice of styles of wall mounted basin

You can find a choice of styles in wall-mounted washbasins and select the one that is perfect for your bathroom space and performance requirements. Following are the types of a wall-mounted washbasin.

  • Semi-Pedestal

The semi-pedestal washbasins are attached to the wall while the plumbing is hidden behind the half-pedestal to give it a sleek, minimalist look. The floor space is still visible as the pedestal is not connected to the ground, making your bathroom appear larger and very easy to clean. The minimal look and designer finish of semi-pedestal basins make them a superb fit for contemporary settings.

  • Basin with exposed bottle trap

Some variation of wall-hung basins comes with an exposed bottle trap without any semi-pedestal in elegant finishes to bring a decorative touch to the interior saving space. The chrome and gold finishing brings a more pronounced designer feel, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms with traditional design themes.

  • Wall-mounted corner basin

The corner basin is a fantastic option for cloakroom or en-suite as they fit into useless corner space leaving room for other bathroom fixtures. Their triangular side is fitted between the two walls of the chosen corner. The corner basin cannot be installed with semi-pedestal and usually have exposed bottle trap. 

  • Modern

The wall-mounted washbasins with sleek, modern finishes and design formats are perfect to bring contemporary feel into the bathroom décor. You can combine these basins with wall hung vanity unit or pop-waste to further enhance the luxurious value and look while adding up the storage space.

  • Traditional

The wall-mounted basins with traditional design lines and finish are created to bring a classic feel into the décor. With the right mix of crosshead taps, you can further boost the classical aura to the bathroom interior.

How to fit a wall-mounted washbasin without pedestal support?

Wall-hung washbasin need only some straightforward steps that you can also fit it yourself if plumbing and pipework is already in place. The first thing to ensure that if your bathroom has enough available space for your selected washbasin. It is advisable to measure the space before buying the sink, so you do not accidentally end up buying an oversized one. Mark the place where you want to fit the basin on the wall. Next step is to connect the wall brackets to the wall and then attach and secure the basin to the wall. After that, connect the pipework to the recently installed basin and check for any leakage.

Tap holes

The wall-mounted washbasins with compact dimension do not have enough space for double tap holes and usually supplied with single tap holes. The traditional variation of these sinks is comparatively wider and can accommodate the double-tap holes. You can choose any of these a mono basin mixer or a conventional set of taps, whichever suit your bathroom space and design need.

Buy the right washbasin for your bathroom can be a difficult choice, especially when there are so many choices of styles. If you are looking for a washbasin that can fit into the premium space of your bathroom and look aesthetically good, a wall-hung washbasin is an excellent selection for you. Their elevated installation frees up the floor space and makes your bathroom appear bigger. The wall brackets give them support to lift them while the plumbing work could be on display or hidden behind half pedestal cover. These washbasins come with pre-drilled holes for taps installation and have rim space to provide storage space for soap and other accessories.

Wall-mounted washbasins are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, materials and colours to match with other bathroom furniture and fixtures. The modern finishes and space-saving characteristic make them a favourite choice among the homeowners and designers.

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Benefits of a wall-hung washbasins

  • Space Efficient

The wall-mounted washbasins use no pedestal support and fixed to the wall, taking up no floor space. This characteristic makes them suitable for small space bathrooms and cloakroom. The visible space under the bowl makes the bathroom appear bigger while you can also use this space for other bathroom fixtures. The wall-mounted washbasins have a sleek minimalistic design that fits more comfortably to the compact space than a pedestal or other type of sinks. 

  • Cleaning accessibility

To make the bathroom easy to clean, most of the designers keep furniture and other fittings off the surface. This makes cleaning a lot easier and you can quickly wash the bathroom floor using a mob with no obstacles on the surface. A wall-mounted washbasin is not connected to the floor and very easy to clean. The only cleaning point is the basin that with usually straight angles and fewer edges has no space for dust and grease to accumulate. 

  • Stylish and trendy

The wall-mounted basins and vanities are a favourite choice among homeowners and designers not only for their space-saving feature but also for the design aesthetics. Their sleek, elevated look adds contemporary value to any bathroom interior. the wall-mounted basins are available in an assortment of styles, materials and shapes to fit into most of the bathroom themes and spaces. You have freedom of choice to select the one that fits your preferences and bathroom style best such as modern, retro, vessel, round. 

  • Suitable for all ages

The one major benefit of a wall-mounted basin is that they can be fitted to any height to make it accessible for any age group. If you are designing a family bathroom with small kids, you can adjust the basin height where they can comfortably access the sink to wash their hands without help. Furthermore, with no pedestal or vanity underneath, these washbasins are extremely helpful for people on wheelchair. The lowered height and available space for a wheelchair to adjust make them an excellent basin for a disabled person.


With so many benefits, the wall-hung washbasins lack the additional storage space when compared to basins with vanity units. This extra space is used to store bathroom accessories such as towels, soaps and others. You will need a different solution to create such storage space in your bathroom. To fix wall bracket support and plumbing need, you may need a professional help that can increase the total cost. The final choice depends on the characteristic and space requirements of your Bette baths.  To narrow the selection of the right vanity and basin, it is always advisable to measure up the available space that you can allocate to a sink.  


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