Home is the place you come back to after everything- after a long tiring day at work, after a fight with your friend, after a fun day with your partner, after travelling the whole world. Home is not just a place but it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of love, relaxation, comfort, safety, care and basically what allows you to be yourself. 


When you are at home, your living room is the place where you spend most of your time- either binge-watching the latest movies or watching the same old show for a hundredth time in your PJs (best part is, no one can judge you for doing so at home), drinking and dancing with your best friends, sitting with your siblings or cousins and talking about your childhood days, doing some indoor photoshoots, and whatnot! Therefore, your living room has to be the most gorgeous space in your home, filled with positive vibes and a look that reflects your sense of style. 


Decorating your living space is not just for yourself but even for the visitors who come to your house. Your living room is the place where they spend most of the time at your home and thus it does have an impact on their impression of you as a person. 


Are you looking for ideas to decorate your living space? If yes, we have some really great ideas for you. Check out the list below:


  • Indoor plants

Fresh indoor plants will not just make your living room look more attractive but will also create a very positive atmosphere. It will help clean the air and will also keep the room cool and give a fresh smell. Another amazing thing about indoor plants is that they come in a lot of varieties therefore it’s very easy to find one that goes with the look of the different corners of your living room. You can also order fresh plants online from the best plant and online anniversary flowers delivery service and get beautiful indoor plants like Lucky Bamboo, etc. delivered to your place. Small indoor plants also look great when they are placed on small tables in the living room.


  • Paintings

Paintings when placed on the wall, whether it’s a small one or a big one, looks great as long as it’s of the right proportion with the wall. It can be any kind of painting you like- a scenery, portrait, abstract, or any other kind you would want to see in your house. 


  • Wind chimes

Whether you place it near the door, window or anywhere else where there’s some amount of wind coming, wind chimes are a great home decor item for your living space. They not just add to the beauty but also sound heavenly when there’s wind around. 


  • Candles 

Candles of any size and shape adds beauty to your living room. You can also add scented candles so that whenever you light them up, they not just look beautiful but also smell great. Plus, you can put the candles on some stylish looking candle stand so that they look even more gorgeous as a decor piece. 


  • Wall clocks

This is not just something that you might want to add as a decor item to your living space but this is something that you need to add. After all, you might not want to look at your phone or watch everytime you want to check the time when you are at home, thus, this will help you keep a track of time when you are inside your house. Therefore, since this is an item that needs to be there in your living room anyway, why not make sure that it’s a beautiful one? 


  • Wallpapers

Wallpapers have the power to immediately turn your plain and simple wall into an insanely gorgeous one. They are magical. Plus, they are a great background for your pictures, right? So, if you are looking for a decor item for your living space, a beautiful wallpaper is one of the most perfect options for you.


  • Fresh flowers

There’s nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers. They automatically make the room more lively and gorgeous. Fresh flowers are a great way of adding more colours to your living space and also to create a more positive environment. You can even order red roses flowers online once in a while to add more beauty and fragrance (and ofcourse, love too!), to your living room. You might be looking for fresh flowers delivery in bangalore or the other Indian cities if you want to order fresh flowers regularly for your home, well, in that case, don’t forget to check out Bloomsvilla’s collection. 


Make your living space the most beautiful room in your house and you will see how in turn it will automatically make your life a better and more beautiful one!

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