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How can I watch the content of any country on Netflix?

There is a lot of exciting content available on Netflix but the main thing is that some of them are restricted by the country where you are. In fact, the catalog of movies which you can view will depend on the region where you are. In some countries, the Netflix video content library does not provide many options for the viewers.

So, ,  there are many people who try breaking the geographical limitations of  Netflix and put it into the thoughts that they are in a different region, to regain access to the country library in the trip abroad.

What does the Netflix country version mean?

The simplest way to change the region on Netflix is by using a VPN and this is the only way to watch the content of any country on Netflix. A VPN tunnels the internet traffic through the intermediate server that is located in the country of your choice. It helps you in covering the original IP address and change it with one from desired country, hence hiding the exact location. It means it doesn’t mean if you are at home or away from home, you easily can access the usual home streaming services of the country wherever you are. Apart from this, VPN will encrypt all of the traffic so that no one can check your activity, in fact not your ISP.

When you set up with a VPN, it will become easy to secure access to the Netflix library which you want while on the go even traveling abroad is quite simple.

Steps to change Netflix region on iPhone

It has become easy to access the Netflix library on the iPhone by changing the Netflix region using a VPN and for that, you will need to move ahead with the steps mentioned below-

  • First of all, subscribe to the trusted VPN service
  • Go to the App Store and download the VPN app on your phone
  • Install and then log in to the app by using your credentials

Connect to the server of the desired region and open the Netflix app and enjoy accessing your chosen server’s library

Tips to change Netflix country on Android

Changing Netflix region on an Android phone is simple and for that, move ahead with the steps mentioned below-

  • First of all, subscribe to the trusted VPN provider
  • Now, go to the Play Store and download the application of chosen VPN
  • Install and then log in to the VPN app by using your credentials
  • This is the time to connect to the server of the desired library of the Netflix region
  • Launch the Netflix application and get access to the chosen regions of the Netflix library

Quick steps to change Netflix Region on Roku

Roku is another system that is not at all compatible with native VPN apps but there are some alternatives that can help to change the Netflix region on Roku if you have to do so.

  • First of all, set up a VPN router and connect your Roku to it
  • Create a VPN secured Wi-Fi hotspot on the laptop PC, and connect the Roku to it
  • Screencast to the Roku by using a VPN secured Android Smartphone or Tablet

Apart from this, the users also can prefer using VPN to stream those contents which are restricted in a certain country. It will work by changing your location and VPN is specialized in this. One can easily change the location as per their preference to watch a restricted show, movie, or web series.

Does Free VPN work with Netflix?

A Free VPN isn’t a good choice to watch any type of online video content for a number of reasons-

Watching Netflix on trusted VPN use your data allowance- This VPN often impose monthly data case. As you already know that streaming video uses a lot of data hence, it will not take you long to use the free VPN data allowance.

It is just like a Free VPN will not allow you to access region-restricted content- Netflix is a streaming service getting better at blocking VPNs from its servers. So that many paid VPN providers have given on offering reliable access to Netflix. Hence, it is even more improbable that a free VPN provider will have the resources to avoid being blocked

It won’t protect online anonymity- Free VPN comes with a hidden cost to online privacy and security. A lot of them will recover costs by signing the online activity and selling the information to third parties. Else, you might find that the free VPN provider will embed track cookies and ads when you are online.

While it is technically possible to get a free VPN for the job, there are some paid VPNs that will definitely be unblocked by Netflix. You will need to update Netflix from the App Store and make sure to use a good internet connection to avoid any hassle in between streaming. If there is still anything more that you need to know then you can ask help from Netflix UK Customer Service.

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