How Covid-19 Pandemic is Boosting the Stay-At-Home Economy

COVID has grasped the world, plunging every nation into uncertainty and darkness without knowing how to tackle this pandemic. The governments have tried to manage the situation by imposing lockdown but some countries were late in the action and this delay increased the number of cases. 

New theories have come to light that until the vaccine, this virus may not end and would continue to multiply. By this time, there has been a better understanding to whom it is more dangerous. People suffering from other diseases such as heart problems, blood issues or diabetes, tend to have low immunity and it could be fatal for them. While everyone is crammed at home and the companies are facing major hiccups in cashing in the revenue. Having said that, there are sectors where profits have skyrocketed shocking everyone. 

In this insane period to remain ordinary, several things help us in keeping people going in life. Besides basic facilities, there has been a rise in internet consumption and e-commerce is reaching new heights. To facilitate these functions, everyone would need a laptop or mobile phone to be able to stream shows online, shop or learn a new course to enhance skills. Moreover, staying connected with the world and with the family and friends has become a necessity, a habit that cannot be ignored. Since smartphones are handy, they act as a bridge saving people from boredom and getting them daily essentials with just a click. 

Now that the value of smartphones has been established, therefore smooth functioning of these little saviours seems plausible. 

Learning Online

With free time at hand, many people are utilising this time to learn a new course that they have been considering for a while and unable to join due to lack of time or it could be a desire wanting to learn more things. With many online sites offering the best courses from every domain from personality development, learning a new language to preparing for competitive exams. Anybody who has been looking for an opportunity would have taken up this opportunity to learn. 

Online Shopping

Getting food essentials has never been this easy, online retailers are delivering everything at the doorstep and not so surprisingly, the demand has surged resulting in companies to hire more people. On one hand, many people lost their jobs and on the other e-commerce clocked more revenue than ever similar to online subscriptions. One of the upside when shopping online is that people get items at discounts, saving them a trip to the market. E-commerce blossomed during the lockdown period and proved to be quite fruitful to the customers with the essential items being delivered at doorstep. This saved a lot of people going out.

Work from Home

Due to the new normal of working from home, getting cooped at home is not pleasant but that’s how it is. What was rare has become the new normal now. Technology saved people from this pandemic. First, it facilitated work from home and companies utilized this opportunity well. Second, people were stuck in different countries and cities and the mobile phones saved them. Having said that, working from home has its share of pros and cons. Some enjoy freedom while others are not able to focus on the work due to house commotion.  With virtual meetings through Zoom has become the new way to conduct things and keep an eye on things. Without the internet and being at home, everyone feels a tad sad or depressed at some point. They need to go out as they are not accustomed to being indoors for such a long period of time. In this digital age, no one is accustomed to slow life except for people living in rustic areas but they also come to cities to find work. They were forced to leave the cities and go back to their native places. It’s hard for them also. Experts say that this pandemic has taken economies back to 20 years. All it took one pandemic, no country was prepared to handle it. There is one other reason why they are reluctant to work from home that is due to weak signals. 

Strong signals are significant for working from home, that’s why a 4G signal booster is suggested and in India it seems like an ideal choice. Moreover, staying in touch with the world is what keeps things normal. For smooth functioning a mobile signal booster would save a lot of trouble. It would not only add to the productivity and also From viewing a film online to gaining useful knowledge, but it also has it secured! 

There are multiple reasons for feeble signals resulting in call drops, voice breakage due to bad weather and man-made barriers. Whatever the reason may be, the plan is one—a mobile booster. This one-stop solution will boost the weak signals, re-distributing them where it’s required. With the availability in India, it’s an ideal choice to never miss that email, news, or call. It moreover allows speedier downloads for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube and other web applications.  

A brief look at the benefits!

  • With mobile signal booster installed at home, limit any glitches improving voice clarity 
  • Simpler to install and keep up, these come with in-built cooling systems. 
  • Viable with all service providers and networks (2G, 3G and 4G)
  • Guarantees zero call drop prompting the consistent network 

Finding a 4G mobile signal booster for home can be a tiring task, especially without proper knowledge. This is where Ava Systems comes into play. It is one brand that takes care of network issues for home/ office by offering free demo clearing all doubts and queries. The team is highly-equipped and wears protective gear while maintaining a strategic distance. They can be assured of 100% customer satisfaction. 

For any inquiries, questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch at 1800 121 6421. The pandemic might have thrusted people in unpleasant situations but there are solutions that make work from home possible and successful if done right, don’t let the feeble signals hamper productivity and cost peace of mind. 

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