How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

In these stressful times, many people face the problem of how to get a deeply peaceful night’s sleep. Purchasing a weighted blanket may be one solution.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘gravity’ or ‘anxiety’ blanket, it is designed to add more weight than a regular blanket. The aim is to give a restful wrap-around feel to relax the body and improve sleep patterns. 

What Is A Weighted Blanket Used For? 

Relieving stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and associated medical conditions. While the effects of the current Covid-19 pandemic continue to impact communities worldwide, weighted blankets may be one way to combat these additional traumas. Manufacturers claim that the heavier, more evenly distributed weight can produce a soothing and calming feeling, resulting in a deep, restful sleep.

What Are They Made Of? 

Various materials are used from plastic pellets for the heavier blankets to cotton and natural fibers in the lighter styles. In both types, the blankets are stitched into squares to distribute the weight evenly.

Why Should You Buy One? 

Some studies have shown that the warm pressure of a weighted blanket (known as Deep Touch Pressure) is linked to increased serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for that calming ‘feel-good’ factor in the brain and regulates our sleep patterns. This seems to be a bit like the childhood routine of being ‘tucked-in’ at bedtime. Choosing the correct blanket weight is important to benefit from this effect.

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket Be

Most manufacturers offer several weights from light for summer to heavy for the colder months. Weighted blankets are also available for children and even your pets! The recommended ideal weight is 10% of body weight with the range being between 5-25lb and the maximum set at 39lb. This is a guideline only, allowing for personal preferences and needs. 

What Do The Professionals Say? 


There has been a generally positive response in the medical profession to the benefits of weighted blankets. Research suggests they could help as a home therapy for sufferers of stress-related or hyperactive and impulsive conditions in adults and children. Restless leg syndrome and night cramps may also be relieved by the blanket’s calming effect.


The weight of the chosen blanket is the real issue, too heavy may mean too hot, causing discomfort rather than relieving it. Choosing a cooling cotton organic weighted blanket may reduce this problem. A weighted blanket may also be an unwise choice for anyone with a respiratory disease and special care needs to be taken with toddlers who could find the weight distressing rather than comforting.

What Other Buying Considerations Are There? 

When choosing a blanket, the correct weight is the priority. Other practical factors to consider are the type of material – synthetic or natural fibers – and the price. This varies from quite affordable light blankets to anything up to $400 for the heaviest. Some of the best available are washable or come with washable covers, and in a choice of colors and sizes to fit all ages and body shapes.

Where Can They Be Bought

A wide range of weighted blankets is now available at both online and High Street stores. 

How to deal with stress and anxiety are topics constantly examined and discussed in the media. Buying a weighted blanket is becoming an increasingly popular remedy you may wish to try.


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