How Social learning network is changing the way of learning and teaching?

It has been a decade since social media has become a significant part of our lives. All of it started with the emergence of smartphones, a technology that opened the doorway to varied advancements. 

Most of us start and end our day by looking at our smartphone and probably operating one of the many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Same goes for the students and teachers too, because of which the concept of social learning network was coined. 

Social learning network is the extended form of social media but dedicated entirely to the educational purpose. We all know how online teaching platform emerged as the savior of the educational sector during the global fight against COVID-19. Hence, it is only practical to say that the inclination towards virtual learning and adoption of online teaching software is what we all are looking forward to. 

The idea of social learning networks has started to gain pace and many Ed-tech companies have started to invest in this technology. Moreover, many social media based online learning platforms are already making rounds in the market. But how is it supposed to change the way of learning and teaching? 

Let’s take a closer look at the possible changes in the educational sector if the Social learning network is adopted as a major part of academics. 

Learning won’t stop even after the classroom time will be over. 

Remember when the bell used to ring and we could again study that subject or ask queries only in the next class. In many studies it has been proven that learning has to be constant and in terms of students who have quick minds in both gaining as well as losing any instructions, it is more suggestive. 

Learning and gaining knowledge is an ongoing journey and the social learning network facilitates the requirement of this journey.  Teachers and students can connect at any time over chat and resolve queries. Also, the teacher can post daily class sessions as recorded video on the online teaching platform which the students can access according to their requirement and feasibility. 

Passive learners won’t lag behind anymore 

Some students are easily intimidated when it comes to asking a question or raising a doubt. They will lag behind in studies but rarely find the courage to stand in front of the entire class and get their query resolved. With the use of online teaching software teachers and instructors open a path for such passive learners to easily get their queries resolved through live chats without becoming the center of attention (which they dread). 

Learning becomes more interactive 

When instructions are rendered through a social learning network or online teaching software, the sessions become more interactive and easy to understand. Teachers get the freedom to use various media forms such as images, videos, PDF and graphics to design their classes and connect better with the learners. Also, the use of formative assessments and short quizzes becomes helpful in assessing every day or weekly improvements in the students’ knowledge. 

Instant question and answer sessions

Students learn better when their doubts are addressed instantly. In a classroom environment where teachers are already over booked with all so many students, getting any doubt answered instantly is a big challenge for students as well as the teacher. Social learning network increases the connectivity between learners and educators through the medium of instant chat even during the live online classes. 

Flexibility in teaching and learning 

Social learning networks have given more flexibility to the learners and teachers who are already pre-occupied with a variety of tasks in their life. Unlike classroom sessions which are bound by time and days, online learning gives a free will to gain knowledge according to the time and feasibility. If you are a night owl or an early riser, any time can be chosen to go through the recorded audios and videos of the lectures and even to attempt the tests. 

Learners can also turn into teachers!

Learners hold great power to influence their fellow peers through their knowledge. We all have gone through the phase when asking a teacher to resolve a query was rather difficult in comparison to asking it from one of our friends. Online learning platform renders the ease of group discussions and also one to one problem solving. Students can anytime connect with their friends or fellow aspirants of the same course to gain or share knowledge. 

Teachers can make their online classes scalable

The use of social learning networks eliminates any sort of time and location limitations. This is one of the biggest benefits for teachers, trainers and instructors who are looking forward to expanding their classes on a wider level. They can get larger popularity for their courses and online classes, eventually gaining fame and profit. 


Collaborative and social learning is likely one of the most primitive forms of learning that humans have ever experienced. After all, learning from each other is what mankind has always done. However, with so many advancements in society and inclusion of technology in almost all sectors, the concept of social learning network formed eventually. In the current situation online learning and teaching platforms have become a major source of academic continuity. But it is more appropriate to say that we were always in need of such technological enhancements in the educational world, and now we also know why!

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